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    FHN transmission for sale

    I have a complete FHN transmission and single mass flywheel and clutch previously purchased from Frans in the Netherlands. Transmission needs rebuilding as it was notchy in second shifting and oil had some colour in it when drained. I previously had this installed in my 2005 Passat Tdi that got...
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    WTB B5.5 Passat TDI compatible manual transmission (FHN, GGB, 6 speed) for swap -Bellingham, WA

    I have a FHN and complete single mass flywheel and clutch if interested, shoot me off a pm and we can chat . I’m in Canada
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    05 passat 5 speed swap questions

    I have a spare FHN transmission and used single mass flywheel and clutch. If anyone is interested shoot me off an offer. Tranny needs rebuilding but worked great when removed, except second gear synchro was notchy.
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    ***feeler***control your vnt yourself

    So basically you have shelved the project. I’m interested in building one for myself, I’m an old tool and die maker so machining isn’t a problem. Could you share your design or are you keeping it locked up for prosperity ? Regards Noel
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    BHW into Vanagon

    BHW vanagon project Looks like a really nice project. I was just wondering if you ever got it done and where you got your harness from. Im about to build a harness and need as much advice and info as possible. Its my first harness build,wish me luck lol Thanks Noel
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    BHW Conversion

    Into a VW Vanagon, it has a subaru in it right now but I need better power and reliability and fuel consumption.
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    BHW Conversion Thanks a million Noel
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    BHW Conversion

    Hi guys Anyone have the pin outs for a BHW from a 2005 Passat Tdi Im trying to get my harness build going . Thanks Noel
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    CJAA pin outs

    Hi Guys Im trying to get info together so as to build a stand alone harness for my 2010 CJAA engine. Malone will delete of a bunch of stuff. If any of you have done on please get in touch with me , I really need to pick your brain. Thanks in advance. Noel
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    Tdi in Vanagon

    Thanks Andy Your info is fantastic on this thread. I appreciate your knowledge and get up and go. Great journal of your build.
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    MTdi power AHU engine.

    Hi guys Im about to start building up my AHU engine and converting it to a Rover pump.Ive never built a Tdi engine but have built plenty of gassers. I intend using .216 nozzles and a K03 with adjustable waste gate. Im going for 150 Hp and preferably around 260 ft Lbs of torque. Am I on the...
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    Tdi in Vanagon

    Hi Guys Im looking for an oil pick up and windage tray for my Alh engine using the 1.6 diesel vanagon oil pan . I adapted one years back with not too much success. Thanks Noel
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    Electrical steering rack schematic

    Hi Guys Hopefully one of you can help me,I have a steering rack from a 2009 Tdi Jetta and am trying to get it working on the bench. Do any of you have a schematic for it please and very much thanks if you do. Regards Frustrated Noel
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    ALH stand alone harness

    Hi guys Forgive me if this has been covered many times. What and who is the most economical supplier of ALH stand alone harnesses. I’m wanting to run an ALH in my Vanagon without aircon, without PS Pretty simple. What are the prices ranging and where do I order one. Thanks Noel
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    CJAA engine and 6 speed transmission 4 sale

    Hi All I have a 2010 VW Jetta Tdi with 82000 Km on it. Car was totaled with no damage to engine or transmission. I have the complete car , harness , Ecu and pedal are all functioning. My question is how hard is it to get this set up to run in a sand rail.$ Second question if I were to sell it...
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    AAW vanagon conversion

    Hi guys. Ive got my hands on an AAW TD engine and was wondering if its worth while doing a vanagon convesion with it. I have the bell housing ,oil pan and clutch from the old 1.6 diesel and am curious what guys have done to get some good power from these engines.I also have a FHN 012...
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    O1E Transmission Specs

    Hi Correction not 01E but O21 Hopefully someone has done what Im attempting to do. I have an Audi O12 style transmission code FHN and was wondering if the ring and pinion are the same size and dimensions as used in an Audi A4 1.8 T O12 gear box . I understand the final drive ratio will most...
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    AAZ Engine

    Hi correct me if i'm in the incorrect area of the forum. I have just got my hands on an AAZ engine that is completely rebuilt and am considering installing it in a VW vanagon. My first question is how much horse power is possible with this set up My second question is should I rather rebuild...