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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Ya, a lot more soul for sure. I did love driving it. I always liked the look of it and the interior as well. Like I said, it's bittersweet for me, but the feeling in the pit of my stomach now when I get in to drive is just too much to take. Trust is lost. Sad really, because the engine itself...
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    El Dobro, I think I remember you from back in the day. Didn't you have all the tranny trouble? Not sure what an MU is but I understand completely. On another thread someone mentioned they were told their particulate filter was 100 percent clogged, was quoted $6200 to fix I think. I tell you...
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Honestly, I hear you and this isn't a move I wanted to make. I was the biggest cheerleader of this vehicle when I first got into it. On one trip we drove it from Yellowknife to Alaska and down the coast from there on the ferry system to eventually make it to Portland where we attended the TDI...
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Never again Dog Park, first sunroof I have ever had and last. After the ooooo and ahhhhh it was nothing but trouble. Who knew having a massive hole in the roof of your car would cause problems hey? lol
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Hey TDI smile, spent 12 years of my life in Yellowknife. Very good years. Now living on the BC coast. Best vehicle I had in the Knife was a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Took a beating and got me where I needed to go.
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    [/QUOTE=Fremont;4526421]Yeah, if I were you, I'd buy an Accord. In fact, I'm considering it. My JSW was OK for the first 70,000 miles (except that I had to replace 3 tires due to pothole damage. I guess those Conti's are the Ming china of tires...) Then I had to replace an exhaust sensor for...
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Ha Haaa! Good laugh Kpax and you are so right. I am abused and hurting, I deserve so much better!
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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Hi everyone. I have always respected the people on this forum and so am coming to the community for advice. I own a 2009 tdi sportwagen with 131,000 km. I love driving the car and have been meticulous on maintenance. I am now at the point of selling and giving up on VW forever. Here's why...
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    My wife Corrie and I along with two dogs are home safe and back at work. We arrived Sunday night. Just outside of Edmonton my stereo flashed a 'CDC Hardware Error' message and wouldn't eject Cds or play radio/mp3 for more than a couple of minutes before cutting out and flashing the message. So...
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    Driving to TDI Fest, 2010

    Hey Lugnut, cool pics man. I would be pumped to see a pre-release model like that. We are now just outside of Seattle¸(not sure where) at a Quality Inn. Had a weird day. We have wanted another dog for awhile, and my wife had to go to the can an hour after we crossed the border so I randomly...
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    Driving to TDI Fest, 2010

    Pictures from trip Hey, I know what you mean. Incredible scenery and so little traffic makes driving so fun. We met some great people from Fairbanks, I think it sounds a lot like Yellowknife. We'll see you there. Here is a link to a photo album of a few picks from the trip so far. The one of...
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