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    2015 Passat

    the connector isnt there, wire is needed. Best way to explain the headlight is that the 2012 had a pattern on the road- if you could see it at all. The 2015 has evenly lit road- and you can actually see the road is lit. The housings look to be the same, but the light pattern cutoff isnt as...
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    2015 Passat

    Picked up 2015 TDI 6MT (4th TDI since 2005) impressions: -engine, not sure if it feels like more HP, if i had to guess, i would say less pickup, but of course it hasn't broken in yet. It is a lot smoother though. -trans, much smoother, but also more feedback, definitely a win -interior noise...
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    VW Chatanooga Plant Green Building certification "The facility is the first and only automotive manufacturing plant in the world to receive the Platinum certification."
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    My 2012 Passat TDI was finally delivered!

    Or better yet, ask him if they can make a 'mistake' on a TDI SEL, and drop a manual transmission in it.
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    Diesel vs Gas WSJ article today 'oil refiners after the pipe dream' about the crack spread of a barrel of crude into gasoline and distillate. At 3.99 for diesel and 3.50 for gas, and assuming the diesel only gets 40mpg, the gas...
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    How easy to stall a 6M?

    Having owned 2 Jetta TDI manuals, but only test driven the Passat TDI manual, I did not find the Passat as easy to stall as the Jetta. For sure the Passat has better throttle response and feels quicker. I have on occasion stalled the Jetta (over 175,000 miles driven). Usually its after...
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    Night Blue/Beige 6MT

    Long story short, dealer tried to get me the first available TDI SE 6MT he could but shortly after it came in, he saw one with a color combo that I preferred. so.. Night Blue Metallic/ Beige SE TDI with Manual trans listed at 27,035 is sitting at the eastern pa dealer up for grabs (Continential...
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    400 a day?
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    Front end popping

    motor mounts?
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    Monster Mats 2005.5-2006

    only lightly worn, oval connectors (2005.5-2006) prefer local to Philly. $65 OBO
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    Quick poll on brake pad wear...

    Model Year: 2006 Current Mileage: 88,000 City/Highway Percentage: 50/50 Front pads original Rear pads replaced at: 60K (OEM), then 20K later ie replacements lasted 1/3 as long as the oem.
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    FS: Monster mats for 2005.5-2006.5 Jetta

    excellent condition 3 mats almost never touched, driver mat only very slightly worn grey 'Jetta' on front mats OVAL clips, ie doesnt fit 2008-09's western philly suburbs make offer
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    FS: 4 5-gal yellow plastic diesel containers

    western philly suburbs make offer
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    FS: 4 16'' Bioline Rims from 06 Jetta

    western suburbs of Philly. make offer. replace your spare tire with oem alloy, or use rims for winter tires..
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    2009 Jetta - Problem Already

    Had a trunk issue on the 06 Jetta, had a new trunk latch installed (this time is was metal -silver color and all), trunk never closed that nice before. Sad to see the 09's back to the black plastic feeling latches.
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    A deer rammed my 09 JSW TDI last night

    That must be the new 335di, 'Deer Injected'
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    2009 Tdi

    I ordered a loyalty edition from my dealer months ago. After checking the 25 dealers close to me for the last month, looking for the car I want, it is clear that it doesn't exist. I did pass on the 'opportunity' to pay several thousand dollars over msrp to get the car I want. I have a perfectly...
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    Release date of new Jetta SportWagen TDI?

    Jvance, Thanks for the info. Do you think that applies to the TDI wagon and sedan, or just the wagon?
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    2009 Tdi

    Yes but that was 1922 and the cars were $300. :)
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    2009 Tdi

    All from information posted on this website.