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    Don't strip out your car at all

    My original rims are long-gone, changed out my 2014 stock wheels to +2 wheels and tires. I intend on turning it in that way, there is no way they can insist on original wheels and tires. The consent degree made no mention of that.
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    Has the 2.0L Fix Changed Anyone's mind?

    2014 TDI Wagon. 26,000 miles only, at 3 years old. Buyback is for $28,600 now, or it goes UP (as long as I keep mileage under 42,000) to $29,200 if I wait till the last minute in December 2018 and turn it in. So I will be able to turn in a car that I love, but I paid $25,500 for in August...
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    Ugh, now there's a downside to parking the TDI...

    My check engine light came on and the brake lights were "always on" if the car was running, after a 3-day weekend parked at a buddy's house in Montana. Took it in under warranty, learned it was due to chewed wiring. Fortunately just needed some re-soldering repairs, 300 bucks.
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    Is any one keeping their TDI

    There is a third option, don't take the fix and money, or the buyback, and just keep the car as is if you love it. If your state accepts the pollution mitigation money, they agree to not refuse to register your car or fail it on emissions. That part of the consent degree is kind of kept quiet...
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    Portal down.

    Don't mail! When you upload it's added to your file in real time. I uploaded something yesterday and then called 3 minutes later and she was able to pull it up and look at it. Just my 2 cents, sending paper could add days to your timeline, who even knows how long. And greater margin for error...
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    Anyone schedule a UTAH buyback yet?

    Call the claims number for an update. I called yesterday with a question and was on hold for less than a minute, then a nice gal looked at my file and see everything. I had uploaded my signed offer letter 3 minutes prior and she said she could even see that and it looked good. Might be worth a...
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    Anyone schedule a UTAH buyback yet?

    I have a loan with VW and docs were accepted 11/25; got my offer yesterday.
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    Anyone schedule a UTAH buyback yet?

    Hmmm. My docs were accepted Nov. 25th and I got my offer letter via email yesterday. VW Credit loan. That shouldn't impact the offer though. Yours does seem to be taking longer for some reason.
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    What is going to happen to all of these cars that are being turned in?

    Any fix (on the 2L) will be much more than an ECU Tune, that's for sure.
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    Offer Letter Just Received

    Absolutely you need to take the buyback, the value is much more than the diminished value you now have due to future buyers pulling a Carfax and reading all about the wreck. In your case the buyout is an even nicer gift (had there been no scandal your car would be devalued at resale due to that...
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    Offer Letter Just Received

    Yep...that's the risk/reward element I'm thinking about. I do wonder if based on the buyout offer that is the number I could get State Farm to honor, since it is essentially the value of the vehicle. Not sure I'd want to find out!
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    Offer Letter Just Received

    Got my offer letter for the "fix" today. Need a new letter with the buyback amount. Back in the summer when registering on the VW portal, I haphazardly selected the 'fix plus cash' option as my preference. Though obviously I did not know whether I'd prefer the buyback or the fix--depending on...