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    AHU unburnt diesel smoke at 2000rpm

    Any thoughts to this? Just to clarify the problem. During warm up when bringing revs up in neutral exhaust is clear until 2000rpm, then starts puffing blue/white smoke. Then clears around 25 When fully warmed, no smoke but engine sounds overly advanced. Tdi timing is verified to be almost...
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    AHU unburnt diesel smoke at 2000rpm Also just to mention, no EGR on this...
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    AHU unburnt diesel smoke at 2000rpm

    Just further to this. At hot idle engine sounds quite advance despite being just around the middle of tdi timing graph. Have verified this by moving pump. Cold start valve at hot idle is showing 45% is this correct?
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    AHU unburnt diesel smoke at 2000rpm

    Hi all, I’ve just installed a new factory AHU engine into my T3 van (Vanagon). During warmup if I bring the revs in neutral up to 2000rpm, the engine suddenly runs a little lumpy and produces unburned white diesel smoke. This stops after about 2300rpm. Up to 2000rpm seems fine. Once warm it’s...
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    Piston Protrusions

    Thanks for the replies, to answer some questions. OS 0.5mm Kolbenschmidt Pistons (reused from last build but good condition) New KS Piston Rings (gapped to new bores) Spare 80hp SB Indirect Injection block, acid stripped and bored Conrod small end bushes replaced and checked New IM bearings New...
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    Piston Protrusions

    Hi guys Just rebuilding my 1.6td properly and have measured the piston protrusions, which are as follows: Cyl. 1 - 0.98mm Cyl. 2 - 1.02mm Cyl. 3 - 0.98mm Cyl. 4 - 0.98mm This is right on the limit of a 3 notch gasket, i think due to the fact the block has been faced and new small end bushings...
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    1.6td clearances
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    Piston Ring Material Differences

    Hi all, I'm trying to purchase some new 77mm (0.5mm O/S) rings for my 1.6TD 80HP SB code engine. It seems there are two different sets that can be purchased for the 1.6td where only the second compression ring seems to be made from a different material and the other rings are the same. Below...
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    Condition of 1.6TD engine

    This block was bored oversize by 0.5mm, genuine KS pistons with supplied rings. This is a Gtd SB intercooled engine with 80hp standard. All bore work was carried out by a machinist, this included, bore, hone, plateau hone, and ring gapping. I just assembled the engine. Injectors were...
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    Condition of 1.6TD engine

    Piston has corresponding score and impact at bottom of piston, can't really figure out what would cause that. Score also has visible depth when viewed at tight angle. Would this be enough to cause oil burning?
  11. Bore 4 (2)

    Bore 4 (2)

  12. Bore 4 (1)

    Bore 4 (1)

  13. Piston 4 (4)

    Piston 4 (4)

  14. Piston 4 (3)

    Piston 4 (3)

  15. Piston 4 (2)

    Piston 4 (2)

  16. Piston 4 (1)

    Piston 4 (1)

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    Condition of 1.6TD engine

    I’ll pull the no.4 piston today to have a look at its condition. Car has only been driven by me for those 70k. I am absolutely sure not to give it full throttle until car has been running for 10 mins or more. However approx 50k of those miles have been quite high speed motorway driving. I also...
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    Condition of 1.6TD engine

    Hi, I rebuilt my 1.6td idi engine about 70k miles ago, new pistons etc. Car ran brilliantly, good power etc but always burned 1 litre oil per 1000 miles. I never worked it out. Anyway, car is undergoing a restoration and I pulled the engine for an inspection. I found the bores looking...
  19. Cyl 4 score 2

    Cyl 4 score 2

  20. Cyl 4 score 1

    Cyl 4 score 1