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    2003 ALH No Start

    Simple matter to put the crank at TDC and look in the slot to verify. No tools required.
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    What's the difference between synthetic and full synthetic?
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    Quantity adjuster issues on AHU engine

    What Steve said. One wonders if was rebuilt or just resealed. Prolly just seals and the OP got someone else's pump with a bad QA. Pete, did you trade in your pump or buy this one outright?
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    Crank no start, getting fuel

    So it seems it's in time as far as the belt's concerned. You say fuel's bled to the injectors so I won't ask if you're out of fuel or have an air leak. But maybe you need more bleeding? How long did it sit before you had the original problem? Maybe pump pulley slipped on the flange?
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    Fuel solenoid shuts off after a few seconds - ECU security is disabled.

    That's normal for any IP. When you start cranking the motor the voltage should come back. So answer the the previous question.
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    Crank no start, getting fuel

    Weird. Hard to believe it could jump exactly 180 degrees. You sure you don't have the cam out too, in other the cam and pump are in time and you're looking at the cam upside down. Why Steve asked if you used the tools or looked at the cam.
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    Cam plate axle

    Wow. I'd have bet you a used 01M transmission that it was rubber. Makes sense that it isn't since even hard rubber's going to have some give and have an effect on timing. I guess it's the black anodizing that threw me. I don't mind being wrong but I hate disseminating bad info. Any damage to...
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    Cam plate axle

    If I'm remembering correctly that "x" is actually hard rubber. Never heard of one coming apart.
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    Cam plate axle

    Where did it break? I'm guessing you're referring to the main shaft with the sprocket that has two extensions that drive the rubber that drive the cam plate and the extensions broke?
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    Mech fuel pump 10mm to 11mm

    You can't "just take the pump body off and replace it" either. As Jim said there're a lot of parts that'll fall out of place. First there's the little shim, then the cam plate, then the four rollers and their axles. There's a thread where a member pulled the pump head and used a wire to hold...
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    How does the throttle work on an ALH? (VE)

    Idunno but seems you could use a mechanical QA. I think that's what they do when they build a pump for a MTDI.
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    Injector pump leaking

    If you're going to replace seals you might as well do it to your pump rather than an unknown used one. Though many have done it in the car I wouldn't. You have no idea how much dirt and corrosion you push the new seal over that you couldn't remove when backing the pump head out.
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    Poll: How do you pronounce the "MK" in "Mk4"?

    Is that "A 4" or "Alfa 4"?
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    Glow plugs spins but won’t come out

    From your second post it seems like you don't routinely disable the fuel supply when doing the compression check or it wouldn't matter that your plug is stuck. Other than a dubious result on the other three. You always disable the fueling on a Diesel while doing a compression test or the...
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    Injector pump leaking

    If you're going with a reman, look at the Vendors on this Site. NOT on ebay without serious research about the seller. Some there sell less than good quality.
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    Fuel shut off valve issues

    Are you sure you're not getting power there? If you turn on the key and take a few seconds to get to it to read it there will be no power on it. It drops out after a second or two but comes back on when you start cranking the engine. Need to use some clips for the meter leads so you can watch...
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    DIY windshield replacement?

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    Turbo chooo

    Did you search for "choo"?
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    [SOLVED]ALH suddenly won't start and clicking noise from injection pump

    I wouldn't try to diagnose it until the battery is charged. ECM can do strange things with a low battery.
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    Disposing of diesel fuel

    Don't worry. Electric cars will save us.