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    "All make and model" mechanics for VWs?

    I went for the Akitas, and their rescuer is a TDI guru.
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    Need help with 2016 Sturgeon Bay, WI TDIFest

    Is Tim K. family? Ask him about Washington Island, he's been up many times. LOL Speeding on the Island? Why bother, it's five miles from one side to the other, and less as the Lake is rising. Road to...
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    Bmw 328d

    BMW Drops on Report That X3 Diesel's Emission Exceeded EU Limit. Bloomberg
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    BMW Drops on Report That X3 Diesel's Emission Exceeded EU Limit. Bloomberg
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    Electrical failure followed by engine failure?

    You cannot fully charge a battery with another vehicle. A battery charger and many hours are needed. An AGM must be limited to < 14.8 VDC, requiring an even slower charge.
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    Jason's TDR.

    My deal with Mike H. is done. Thanks for your help. I know that you'll help take care of the TDI. I hope to see you on my next trip to your area.
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    How hard do you run your car on the interstate?

    Wow. Necro-thread! Eleven years later. I spent March in Florida riding bicycle. The trip took six tanks of fuel. Four beat 50 mpg and the two of mixed driving beat 49 mpg. On the interstate the cruise is set at 110% of the posted SL and I adjust my traffic position with the accelerator.
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    2015 VW Golf TDI SportWagen Concept: New York Auto Show Debut

    My Jetta Wagen is getting a bit long in the tooth, enough that I have been anxious about what to replace it with, were it to go tits-up. An AWD TDI Wagen will be juust fine. Now, about the price ...
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    No-Start (No-Crank) in extreme cold

    Keep that in mind for when I see you this year. But it started fine at -15F last night.
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    Leaking *something* inside engine

    Frothy stuff from the PS reservoir sounds like wet PS-fluid near froze enough to foam. What did you put in there? IIRC VW specs PS fluid like all their other fluids - expensive but worth it.
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    Frostheater and -10 degree weather

    I use the FrostHeater to warm the car primarily for my wife. It starts fine, all the way down to -15°F last night after playing cards at a local bar. Another commented that he had gotten a tank of untreated non-winterized fuel in his mighty dually Cummins diesel PU. I plug the FH in about an...
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    Leaking *something* inside engine

    Call Jason Daniels, JasonTDI here, in Oregon, WI
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    General engine noise

    I'll keep my noisy ALH.
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    Heater repairman in Michigan?

    PM JasonTDI about the Skunk Works. He may still be doing heaters.
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    06 Jetta TDI timing belt shredded by bolt

    Must be a conventional shipyard. Bolts aren't tight without heating them nearly red hot, then tightening with a torque motor and letting them cool TIGHT. A reactor vessel head has a couple of dozen like this, 3" Acme thread hollow for the heater. Then the joint is omega-seal welded. I used...
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    Alh tdi new glow plugs inop

    Ross-Tech is 60 miles from Lancaster. I hadn't heard that G-12 was passe.
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    What's in your McGyver kit?

    What's in your McGyver kit? Receipts from my guru for work, the credit card in my wallet and his phone number.
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    Thermostatic tee, what an experiance 24th of Dec.

    I bought a spare T, years ago, for worrying about old plastic. I was on a mountain rescue of a rockclimber that had broken her foot. There were about twelve of us to haul her ten miles in Pinnacles National Monument near Hollister Calif. We decided to go through the tumbledown caves, rather...
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    Hard starting in cold

    How bad is that, going over (miles?) on service interval? There have been discussions here suggesting that VWAG considered a 30K mile interval but didn't trust the owners.
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    Panzer Plate Stories

    Merry Christmas Jason, and thanks for my skidplate. I change my ALH oil through the top.