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    2011 Jetta TDI Fuel Mileage

    8K would have to be to replace the entire system. In this case, I think they check the filter unit and make sure it isn't clogged. In fact, I read somewhere that it can also be cleaned instead of replaced, but don't know if that's true...
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    Hit 100K today

    Hey, I hit 100K on my 09 TDI this week. One set of tires, one set of wiper blades, oil changes every 10K, full service every 40K... that's it.... great little car and will probably replace it with a new Passat TDI in a few months. Wes
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    2011 Jetta TDI Fuel Mileage

    Nope, not for another 20K... and then for sure. Hey, as a side note, does anyone have a guess on what replacing the DPF would cost? I doubt that I will need it at 120K since it's almost all highway miles, but considering I'll be spending several hundred for the 120K service, would hate to...
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    2011 Jetta TDI Fuel Mileage

    I use no additives of any kind. Change oil every 10k, full service every 40k. One set of tires, one set of wipers. That's it. Brakes still have 50% remaining. I love this little car! Will probably trade for the new Passat later this year. Wes
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    2011 Jetta TDI Fuel Mileage

    With 100k on my 09 tdi, I regularly get mid 40's on mostly highway driving. Mileage will increase between 10-20k and stay at that level based on my experience. Highest mpg are at 62 mph.... Unfortunately. This could easily push you into high 40low 50 range depending on the terrain, but is too...
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    Ford will not force diesel on it's customers

    Good luck! I'll be anxious to hear the outcome of your experience. We just traded my wife's 07 equinox which could get 23mpg on a road trip for a new totally loaded 11 equinox with GM's new super 4 cylinder. With 8k on the odometer, and several lengthy road trips, the best milage I've...
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    Bad fuel mileage only on the highway?

    I'm sorry, I overlooked that. And you are absolutely correct... his mileage should exceed mine in EVERY case. Wes
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    Mechatronic Replaced - Radical difference in shifting pattern

    I drove about 1K this week, so had a chance to check the new shift points. On VERY gentle acceleration, they seem to be 5, 15, 25, 35, 45... pretty consistently. This is a RADICAL departure from the original shiftpoints, which were more like 2, 7,18, 25, 35. Wes
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    Mechatronic Replaced - Radical difference in shifting pattern

    I started this thread... with exactly the experience as you. Would you agree that the new shift points are at much HIGHER rpms than before??? Wes
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    Bad fuel mileage only on the highway?

    At 80, 40 mpg is dead on with my experience. At 72-74, I would typically see 42 mpg. At 65, I will see mid 40's. At 62, I will get 46-47. At 55, I will break 50, but you can't safely travel at 55 mph on 70mph highways if traffic is heavy, nor do I often have the patience. Wes 93K on my...
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    Mechatronic Replaced - Radical difference in shifting pattern

    I'll have to actually check and see when the lower speed shifts are occuring... I can tell you for sure that 5th is 35 and 6th is 45mph. The tranny feels a lot more like a slush box... the shifts are slower (meaning it physically takes longer for each shift to occur.. probably a full second...
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    Mechatronic Replaced - Radical difference in shifting pattern

    Yes, 93K problem free miles, and NO additives of any kind. Wes
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    Manual vs. DSG ?

    Yes, it's true. I do that on long stretches of highway where there's a slight down hill slope.. enough to coast in neutral, but too little downgrade to keep it in gear without having to add throttle.... And in the mountains of VA / WV, some of those grades are several miles long. You can...
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    Mechatronic Replaced - Radical difference in shifting pattern

    I have 93K on my 09 TDI, and as a precaution, just had the Mechatronic Unit replaced in the tranny as part of a recall. My car was manufacturered early on... in fact it was the very first model my dealer received and served as a demo for a couple of weeks (with the green badging)... had 400...
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    2009 -2011 CR Odometer Readings

    The issues I've had as follows: Ignition switch replaced right after I took delivery as door locks didn't work correct. Around 40K had a motor go bad on a "flap" in the emission system... extended warranty took care of that. At 92K I had the factory recall done to replace the Mechatronic unit...
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    My 09 Jetta TDI 2 Years Old Now

    I have 93k on my 09 and average 42 in winter months and 45 during summer. Anxious for the arrival of TDI Passat... I'm hearing August. Wes
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    How many miles do you have on your Clean Diesel?

    I have 93k on my 09tdi and change oil every 10k.
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    2010 Jetta TDI

    I have 92K on my 09 tdi and have had zero issues. Wes
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    Newbie considering a TDI

    I would suggest that your mileage will be really poor, especially during the cold months. Think 20-27mpg on your daily grind during winter. The car does have an accessory heater which will kick in and at least break the chill, but you won't be driving long enough to really produce any real...