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    (SOLD!) 1998 VW TDI GLS Near Mint Condition (Sale Pending) only 109,000 miles

    That's a whole lot of eye candy. Great color and probably never find one this clean again. GLWS!
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    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI Fairhope, AL

    Price, pictures, and details please.
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    2013 audi q7 tdi prestige S line

    Pictures, price, and location will definitely help your cause and my curiosity.
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    Mk4 ALH part out

    Pm sent about the Bently Manual
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    FS: 2004 GLS TDI Golf very low miles

    The heated seats / sunroof and upgraded material on the seats would make this a GLS. The pictures are testimony to the TLC this one owner unmolested car has received over the years. If I were in the market I would definitely be interested. GLWS!
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    B4 parts clean out here.

    How much for the Left and right Front door handles?
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    2008 TDI V10 Touareg for sale.

    Thanks for the tip Nanakan. It's a 6 grand price increase from MikiLee's original post but a rare vehicle that appears to be in great condition.
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    60 VW TDI Diesels on Back Lot Not For Sale Yet

    Saw them yesterday, at least 60 TDI vehicles and adding more. The man parking them said they were not for sale and had to be repaired. Referred to them as "no good polluters" and that VW as "cheaters that didn't follow the rules." I just bit my tongue and left as I don't share his sentiment.
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    2008 TDI V10 Touareg for sale.

    I sent you a PM a few days ago requesting pictures but never received any. Thanks to temporaptor for providing the link to the pictures on clubtouareg. If this vehicle is still available I would like to see it in person as I live nearby just south of Eau Claire, Wi. You can contact me at...
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    60 VW TDI Diesels on Back Lot Not For Sale Yet

    Interesting development. I'll have to check this out as I'm only 20 miles away.