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    New brake issue

    there is a little slack in pedal you have to rais the pedal back a bit to contact the brake switch and kill the brake light. At times the glow plug will blink slowly, step on brake then toe lift the pedal will kill the glow plug light. What do you folks think? Is there a slack adjustment...
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    New brake issue

    After changing out the brake booster the fool brake pedal won't contact the green brake switch. The brake light won't go off without a toelift. Ideas??
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    brakes got strange...

    Okay... This VW shop here locally (not a dealer) found that the tandem pump failed. This was the recall tandem put on about five years ago. Do these routinely fail in your experiences? Fool thing costed nearly 400 dollars.
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    brakes got strange...

    Took a look at some of the hoses. The hose coming off the side of tandem pump closest to engine seem to be loose, can rotate around the axis. Also there is a side to side motion as well. This rubber tube goes to a piece of curve angle plastic tubing. Loose to me doesn't seem good. What do...
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    brakes got strange...

    This morning I set the brakes to get it into gear. The brake pedal popped ten settled a bit then it took both feet to hold car in place. I can hear a subtil SHHTTTPPP vacuum like sound from inside the car with TDI running when ever I touch the brakes. Now...what would be the first (or...
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    a bit of an unusual oil change

    Nephew gone about changing oil in 2004 jetta TDI. I came out with a cup of coffee, which i promptly dropped and smashed.:eek: Watched the nephew run down the top side oil remover hose with a a bit of blue 1.5 inches long into dip stick. The bit of blue turned out to be some masking tape he...
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    turn signal issues question

    Okay... Turn signal stalk replaced about a year ago so that isn't the problem. left on with brake: rapid ticking left on without brake: normal ticking normal rest position: no sound right normal in all venues left set of light all appear with weaker lumin I unpluged lines to...
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    Just paid the most ever had for diesel...

    That refinery is a 67000 barrel a day operation. Kind of a small operation scale wise. I'd doubt the fuel shipped doesn't seve just the local area. So...the excuse would be ANY impact on supply despite scale warrents instant price increase. Uncle called that Lubbock Tx diesel was 3.24 on...
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    heater light

    Pulled the light and lo and beholden...burnt out. Would have never figured one itty bitty light lit all of the buttons and knobs. New one in place...we be back in action. the amish postman
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    heater light

    To clarify a wee bit. The buttons for the inside air recycle as well the air conditioner switch is gone. So...which one of these fool Mayan Hieroglyphic Light bulb fuzes I look for?
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    heater light

    See if any of you gurus, or padiwands for that matter, have seen this. the lights to the area where the heater dials and switchs are all out, if its a fuze which fuze do I look for. Is the problem more sinister? Does each one of these dials and buttons have their own independent led light...
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    New VW Golf Variant Spy Photos

    dang, that jetta looks alomost like a dodge magnum.
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    EGR question

    That curved air intake hose feeding left of pierburg, found fool gasket on hose pierburg interface broken. Where are these gaskets to be had? A PIA to fix? Secrets? Horrors? Hints? I'm all eyes.
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    Temp Gauge Woes

    Is location the same on a PD?
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    You read about how much dealers suck, but don't get it till it happens to you.

    Experience with various dealerships during the initial search for a TDI. I already predetermined I would order it rather than buy off a lot. Let me to three nearby dealership relative to my location. Santa Fe NM bit the dust when they refused to let me test drive without a show of earnest...
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    Yet another recall

    Got this recall for EGR cooler. :eek: Be off to abilene tx in a couple of week to see about it.:rolleyes: Any of you folks get one of these? the amish postman
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    Geeeeze Louisee,,, Tis so dry here the two elm trees are fighting over the dog. We are in serious hurt from the lack of normal monsoonal rain. Lake Merideth the major water suppy here is just about shot, they had to dredge out the area around water uptake to prevent cavitation
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    GM guarantees $1.99 gasoline in cali & florida!!!!!!!! EFing B.S. !!!!

    I have to ask...what makes a factory second. Umm...a smattering of E. Coli perhaps?? Just doesn't sound right. As for me having a few Braums in town satisfies my ice cream needs....and no.. they don't sell seconds.
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    VNT Repair Procedure

    Mother of ALL bolts
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    oops!!! I added 1/2 cup used gasser oil!

    Hmmm... seems I seen that sight after uncle Paul opened up that jar of Grandma's homemade Habanero salsa at the family reunion. One bite will cause a mass exodus of any and all intestinal parasites. :D