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    Show what you tow!

    Happy Camper! 2012 Golf VI, Westfalia hitch (fixed), 2006 T@B (1600lbs dry, 180lbs tongue, surge brakes).
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  3. Hitch


    TDI with Westfalia Fixed
  4. Hitch Problem Solved

    Hitch Problem Solved

    Set up looks good o far! 2012 Golf MK6, 2006 T@B, Westfalia hitch
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Have you seen this install video? Pretty clear about the bumper.
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    '11 JSW Manual Transmission Problems

    Since it's a CPO car, I take it to the dealer and a technician ride with you while you demonstrate the problem. I just bought a '12 Golf TDI and just got back from having some minor issues taken care of too.
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    Safety Chains Westfalia Hitch Golf VI

    Thanks sandmansans. I'll start calling around.
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    Safety Chains Westfalia Hitch Golf VI

    Safety Chains Westfalia Tow Bar Golf VI Sooooo....ordered the Wesfalia hitch from PF Jones. Yes, it was expensive. Just now realized no attachments for safety chains!!! Arrrgghhh! What did others do to accommodate safety chains? I supposed I'll have to have something welded on.
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Thank you! I so appreciate this information!
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Thanks for the input! has a good looking hitch made by Auto Hak ( Problem is it will cost about $300 more to ship to the US. A removable hitch is over US$600, plus labor to install it. My local hitch place will install and they...
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Torklift doesn't make an eco hitch for a '12 Golf VI :(
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!! experience as well with a Draw Tite. Back to the drawing board!
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Moving some weight off of the tongue is definitely a good idea.T@Bs don't have a back bumper so moving anything aft would mean putting it inside. I have a 12v battery and 1 20lb propane tank on the tongue.
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Yeah, I really wanted an eco hitch first. Torklift doesn't make a hitch for a '12 Golf TDI but, if I want to drive to NW Washington, they'll make a custom one for me! The Bosal hitch comes with a 2" ball? Can't seem to find where to order a Bosal either. ID Parts doesn't have one for the Golf VI
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Nice setup! I'm towing an '06 T@B. Tongue weight is about 150-180lbs so it can be a little heavy on the front. Battery/propane and front galley all forward of the axel. I wish a place like CanAm were closer to they could customize the set up for my car. I'm trying to put all the components...
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    Need Hitch Advice! Frustrated!!!

    Hitch Advice - Problem Solved! Update 6-10-19...problem solved! Westfalia fixed hitch ordered through PF Jones, 2006 T@B camper - 1600lbs dry/180lbs tongue. Edited post! Sounds like my best choices are: 1) install a stock Draw Tite or Curt hitch and beef up the suspension or springs to...
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