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  1. ben0069

    WANTED: Bosio race 683 nozzles to fit v6 tdi engines

    Strange, as my injectors with the cummins are stock opening pressure and not smokey at all...
  2. ben0069

    The most powerful 2.5tdi V6

    LOVE IT !! What nozzles are you using at the moment ?
  3. ben0069


    From all the searching and reading I have done you just want the best air filter, it sounds like you have the performance with the car already. Seat would be my choice. if you read the thread on cold air intakes it might help your thinking.
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    OEM stands for 'original equipment manufacturer' That is parts which your Seat garage would supply not your local motor factors, halfords or most mechanics, some mechanics however insist on using oem parts. Side by side they do differ in quality even though they look the same
  5. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    maybe, it feels like something just isn't right, when I had 2 plunger and cpc nozzles +66% I had 280 hp, but now with 3 plunger and p970 nozzles I only have 220hp the pump I have is almost new and if that is the problem then it will be a relief, as for the turbo, it had new chra and vnt mech...
  6. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    Turbo is back rebuilt and tested, not mounted yet, injectors are back from united diesels all were working fine. Fuel pump has now been returned to be changed back from 3 plunger to 2. Only a smear of oil in intake track.
  7. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    No, I have not tested the amount of vacuum. When the turbo is cleaned the car runs perfectly, it holds boost all through the gears, It has no issues until a certain amount of driving/miles has passed only then it starts sticking, if I remove the ring that connects all the individual vanes each...
  8. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    That is good to hear, but the vnt is literally jammed !
  9. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!
  10. engine turbo bau

    engine turbo bau

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  14. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    stock nozzles are 142 degrees, I don't have excessive smoke. I have replenished all vacuum lines, n75 is newish. The anti shudder valve, is that just for engine shut down ? I will pull injectors and send them for testing...
  15. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    it seems like damp soot, not oily. Driving habit is spirited. After a certain amount of time/miles The vnt is unable to close, this is quite audible and there is a lack of power(no boost) while this is happening, after a minute or so of driving it slowly then seems to build boost again and it's...
  16. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    2.5 tdi v6 bau engine code, sorry I should have said stock injectors with bosch nozzles.
  17. ben0069

    Turbo Carbon!

    My turbo is getting really carbonated after about 1500 miles of driving, to the point where the vnt is hardly able to move at all, is this a fuel issue or an oil issue ? Mpg's are good, power is good, no visible blue smoke, Injectors are newish with dsla143 p970 nozzles, I did a compression test...
  18. ben0069

    Hi Chris all good thanks, car is still going strong, hope you and your family are all good too

    Hi Chris all good thanks, car is still going strong, hope you and your family are all good too
  19. ben0069

    Gtb2260..... In 2.0tdi 170hp

    Not really for the thread, just to clarify... We also use the imperial mile (UK) not the metric mile (kilometers) which they use in Europe. Thus, the US has two counterpart miles: (1) the international mile of 1760 yd = 1609.344 m = 1 UK stature mi; (2) the statute mile of 5280 survey ft = 1...
  20. ben0069

    1.9pdtdi AVF timing belt questions!

    looking at the markings on the teeth of the wheel, that's where the belt has always sat...