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  1. NB_TDi

    MK4 owners, I need some measurements

    Much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  2. NB_TDi

    MK4 owners, I need some measurements

    Those of you that still have a mk4, and the ability to measure something small, care to help out? I need the measurements of the blank dash buttons. I also need the hole measured. Metric units preferred. Button in question
  3. NB_TDi

    Vag-com in Southeast NB

    I'm still here, not often, but here. I have VCDS CAN and Hex and general OBD2 tools as well. Anyone can shoot me a message if they're in or around Hampton NB.
  4. NB_TDi

    Block heater on the 2015 TDI

    No. It started with the mkv series.
  5. NB_TDi

    Why idling is bad

    If manufactures created engines that have issues while idling; wouldn't they know this? Why wouldn't they reduce coolant capacity and coolant passages to increase the overall idle temperature. Yeah, I'm a prove it it guy. Just like every other adult with a half functioning brain.
  6. NB_TDi

    Chassis Braces

    Well it's a hell of a better place to start than...strut braces.
  7. NB_TDi

    Is it just me

    To me it's not just better looking, but when I went to the mk6, I lost a few things. Trunk now has massive hinges, how is this an improvement? No more hood piston, wth? Seats are not as wide/comfy. I'm a skinny guy too. Plastic, so rigid. At least it's not crappy "soft-touch" I guess Manual...
  8. NB_TDi

    Block heater on the 2015 TDI

    My mk6 heater clocked in at 689W. I think they're the same in the mk7.
  9. NB_TDi

    Coolant Heater Alternatives

    I had a battery blanket, and a 1kW Zerostart in my mkiv. Started like it was a warm summer day.
  10. NB_TDi

    car with one key

    Over-reaction of 2015 goes to.... Seriously, People lose keys. They're expensive. Calm down.
  11. NB_TDi

    Why idling is bad

    I cannot believe that a car manufacturer would design an engine that would eat itself while idling, it defies all logic and sense.
  12. NB_TDi

    Question for my Canadian peeps:

    Those cords are around $160 a pop. You can find a regular outlet with a flap, others on here have added it with little issue.
  13. NB_TDi

    Chassis Braces

    Creaks over bumps means the sway bar bushings need to be replaced.
  14. NB_TDi

    Ignition? Slow to turn over

    Could be the starter itself. Before I sold my mkiv I installed a new starter. It was very slow to turn over anything below 0C. After the replacement, it was very fast to start.
  15. NB_TDi

    VW at CES 2015

    Meh, it'll probably be a flop. Look at all the Bluetooth BS VW went through. Then the crap RCD310, RNS315 and 510s. Lets not even mention the craptastic MDI system. Someday VW might get it that a USB port would be a good idea.
  16. NB_TDi

    OBD button 2012 JSW

    That looks aftermarket.
  17. NB_TDi

    safe to purchase from IDParts?

    Do you shop at Target, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Starbucks, K-Mart, P.F Changs? How about use Google, eBay, Yahoo? All of those were hacked in 2014. Nothing is safe online.
  18. NB_TDi

    dang silverstars tricked me again

    The common thought is that OSRAM Silverstars differ than Sylvania Silverstars. I have no idea why people think this, every time I Google it I get "I think", "I assume", types of answers.
  19. NB_TDi

    Anyone install a back-up camera to rearview mirror?

    They lack SiriusXM. I have zero 1st hand experience with them, but others have had mild success. Since my '14 has the Non-SiriusXM RCD310, I'd still consider one.