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  1. BMW


    Pics pertaining to BMW diesels
  2. RichC

    TDI for my daughter? Opinions....

    The lessons of "thrift" learned by students owning and caring for a TDI are worth the few mechanical issues IMHO. We bought my daughter her 2001 VW Jetta TDI 5-speed when she learned to drive. She's loved the car ever since and has watched fellow students go through car after car ... and...
  3. New tires on Katelyn's 2001 VW Jetta TDI

    New tires on Katelyn's 2001 VW Jetta TDI

  4. RichC

    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    What an amazing group of giving people (and vendors) are part of the TDIClub. Great to be associated with all of you. Thanks for letting the CinciTDI group handle the raffle drawing ... we had a good time.
  5. RichC

    TDIFest 2011 Registration

    Appreciate the hint ... with the number registered so far, 'skimming' has nicked almost $100 in Paypal fees ... not that we're begging for donations or anything ... just so all know we're doing our part to keep the cost down and definitely appreciate those who kick in the addition donation if it...
  6. 2010 VW Jetta Cup Edition

    2010 VW Jetta Cup Edition

  7. test album

    test album

  8. RichC

    Within 3 hours of Cincinnati, Oh? Interested in having a winter meet up/tune up?

    Don't know if I'm going to be able to make it just yet, but won't be bringing a TDI either anyway. Sounds like a long over due GTG and that Dubwerx will be an excellent place to have it? CoJones: Get me the receipts for food and whatever you purchase and I'l be sure you're reimbursed from the...
  9. Cincinnati OH Dubwerx GTG location

    Cincinnati OH Dubwerx GTG location

  10. RichC

    Within 3 hours of Cincinnati, Oh? Interested in having a winter meet up/tune up?

    Would have offered my garage as in the past, but I've proceed to stuff a few more things (besides MGB and airplane project) in it and could barely get my daughter's TDI in to do a little maintenance over Christmas (still need to do her rear brakes). I need a new TDI as an incentive to clear the...
  11. Biodiesel: How green is it?

    Biodiesel: How green is it?

    Seattle PI chart on alternative fuels.
  12. RichC

    Number attending at 2008 FEST?

    You're welcome Bruce. BTW ... I'm also sitting on the last three that I'd like to be able to ship to and clear my workbench (do you know these guys directly?): legallyhip mishkaya oxkpaha
  13. RichC

    Number attending at 2008 FEST?

    Missed you at the TDIFest OH8 I did my best to contact and send shirts and badges to everyone that didn't attend, but were paid up. I recall your name, but might have missed your reply? Nevertheless, your package is sitting on my workshop table with the two shirts (well worn :p -- kidding) and...
  14. RichC

    Fuel economy run

    Keep us posted as it sounds interesting. On a lessor note, I was heading back to Cincinnati on I-71 north of Columbus Ohio from a trip last week and passed a long back up of vehicles on I-71 only to find out that the car backing them all up was a VW Golf TDI with Indiana plates. It was...
  15. RichC

    Insect bites at the KIR

    What are the chances that most of the bites are looking like this as they begin healing?
  16. insect bites tdifest

    insect bites tdifest

  17. RichC

    My view of the fest

    Yup ...
  18. RichC

    Fuel economy run

    Bestmapman really should show the "Taylors" how it is done ... :D ... see link.
  19. RichC

    My view of the fest

    According to my daughter's tally sheet, the last car arrived at the airfield at 18:45:53. Corn and barbecue was served at 4 PM and airshow was to start at 5 PM. (it was a few minutes late as the food line was long) Here's a thread with the finish times for those interested in who won the 'timed...
  20. RichC

    TDIFest OH8 "timed drive" Road Rally Results

    Sorry it has taken me a couple days to put the 'chicken scratch' into a spreadsheet, but the results are pretty much the same (except for a calculation error that didn't affect the award winners) Congratulations to Chris (Canast) and Jason (traxterxt) in coming with in 10 seconds and 50...