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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    I found the worst part of the job was to see the numbers on the 175 relay socket. I took a picture with my phone and wrote the numbers with a sharpie on the relay socket. I also printed this whole document this document from @boertje off and put it in a 3 ring binder. I then used the margins to...
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    So still almost $500 CAD for me.....
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    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    And if in a few years you don't like the color it's not that expensive to change.
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    Another video

    Great video! I'll be able to use the info in here to diagnose my gutless 2001. So I noticed that your video title says 2003 but Courtland in the beginning of the video says the car is a 2001. That probably doesn't matter but if it does..... Where do you get wiring diagrams like in the video? Is...
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    ****944 AHU build (CLUTCH TIME) please advise ****

    I would lay the two disc's side by side and start doing some measuring. Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) uses the same hardware in many different vehicles. It would not surprise me to learn that the splines and everything are the same.
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    ****944 AHU build (CLUTCH TIME) please advise ****

    Anybody that rebuilds clutches should be able to build a clutch disc with a 944 center. I believe a stock TDI clutch is 220mm diameter. If you go with a G60 flywheel and a VR6 clutch you end up with a 228mm diameter clutch. I would research 944 clutches. They might have a 228mm clutch disc so no...
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    Uneven/fast tire wear

    I had a local garage align both of our cars. 2014 and 2001 Jetta's. This was a costly mistake. The next alignment on the 2014 was done at the dealer. The dealer did a better job and for less money. On my 2001 the tires were still wearing off on the inside edge after the alignment. All I did was...
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    2002 alh w/auto trans engine swap to 2004 w/manual trans

    Just going by what I've read on this site. - ALH 2002 is a totally different engine than a BEW(?)2004 so that's not going to work. Edited to add that physically the ALH will fit. It's the electronics and the injection systems that are so different. - I believe you can put the manual from a 2002...
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    $159 USD for the down pipe. Not bad price. Shipping to Canada $198.15 USD from China. Something stinks here but ok. Roughly $470 CAD for a down pipe. Things are improving price wise. Still plenty high though.
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    Try searching in aliexpress for a downpipe. I have no doubt that Rawtek makes a good product. But they want $599 USD for a down pipe. Rawtek is in Canada and I live in Canada. That means with exchange just the downpipe costs me right around $800. To me that price is ridiculous for a product...
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    I tried searching for a downpipe. "cjaa downpipe" nothing. "2014 tdi exhaust downpipe" again nothing. Well some kind of pipe for smoking drugs but I'm not interested. So my question is what search did you use?
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    Clutch change procedure G60 and DMF flywheels

    This is just a posed photo. My battery and air box are still all in place but it should give you an idea of what I did. The shackle under the winch goes trough the frame of the engine support and attaches with a short chain to the transmission. Edited to add: From jimbote "just a short piece of...
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    Clutch change procedure G60 and DMF flywheels

    The fly wheel is the same diameter. There are two different clutch sizes. 220? and 228 mm. So I am going to add several ideas to the clutch replacement pdf. Several have been mentioned previously. - Just remove the whole clutch slave cylinder instead of removing the line. No need to bleed the...
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    No longer a pipe dream (TDI 944 swap starts now)

    So it was me who made the comment on your video. Here's another idea. I have also had a flywheel drilled for a different clutch. There were two possible clutch assembly's available for a tractor I was working on. Of course I needed the more expensive one. Like by about a $1000 and it was...
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    Comparing pros & cons Lead batteries vs AGM

    If I'm careful how I treat my battery's I can typically get 10 - 12 years out of them. If there is lots of shutting off and starting, or car doors are left open for night they don't tend to last as long. I live in Canada and we have lower temperatures for at least half the year so I'm thinking...
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    I know when I did my swap I decided that I wasn't going to change any wiring until I absolutely sure that I understood what I was doing. It took a while but I got it and everything worked the first time. I even added the coolant glow plugs because where I live where they are useful. I had real...
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    Reattaching my hood insulation

    What I did with an old truck was run twine from clip to clip in the problem areas. Tie it off on the first clip and then run the twine to the next one. Wrap it around the clip and then move on the the next clip. It didn't look the fanciest but it worked.
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    Wider tire to protect rims?

    Just switch to 15" rims and rubber. Even 16" is an improvement over 17". The problem isn't the width. It's the sidewall height and 15" rubber has a lot more rounded out sidewall than 17".
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    My Smyth-Utes build thread

    You know I had a real easy time changing my 2001 to a standard. Bentley says to drop the drivers side of the engine about 2.25 inches. Watch the drivers side motor mount for measurements. Use a small jack to push the engine as far forward as you can. I had no troubles doing the r&r. There was...