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    Engine Trashed

    I just had the exact same thing happen to me...but it appears as if the large roller was faulty and caused the bolt to shear off. I had gone just 15 miles when mine broke at 75mph. I was 2000 miles from home and had three days to get back to work, it was also DEC 30. I had no choice, I traded...
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    Did I overbuy timing belt change parts?

    Be careful with that part...I had one, purchased from VW that failed within 15 miles. It is likely a fluke, but I think everyone could understand why I am leary. Check out this thread . I still feel you are at least trying to do everything you can. Mike PS I now have a 2003 1.8T...
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    Replace the incorrect tensioner ASAP! (pics)

    I really tried to get a Diesel, but this car was the best I could hope for under the circumstances. You can kick my butt...go ahead..... I am having fun driving's like a go-kart only really damned fast. Mike
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    Replace the incorrect tensioner ASAP! (pics)

    If you are having the work done by the should have no worries, even if it fails. In the rare case that something were to go wrong, you would be covered by VWoA because you had the work done in the shop. I can't afford that kind of work in a shop....but certainly couldn't...
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    Replace the incorrect tensioner ASAP! (pics)

    After replacing the tensioner, timing belt, and all the rollers. The large roller is the one that failed....brand new, from VW. I am working on getting some form of compensation, but am not holding my breath. Mike
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    Replace the incorrect tensioner ASAP! (pics)

    Here is the rest of the story of my tensioner adventure. I will warn you that these pictures are not for the faint of heart, they are scary in the extreme. I would also like to state that what you are about to see is not due to anything that DeafBug did, or did not, do while changing my timing...
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    New_vs_old Tensioner

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    Advanced Timing

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    Both TB/MAF changed; now it's gutless

    Both TB/MAF changed; now it\'s gutless Same thing happened to me after I let the dealer replace a MAF under warranty. I popped the hood and checked to see that the MAF was actually plugged in...not the problem, I then started looking at the vacuum lines and found that the one that connects to...
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    Has anyone taken a v6 Mustang down?

    Get a GT Mustang on an uphill slope above 4500's pretty funny, they just keep getting smaller and smaller in your rearview mirror. I finally had to put a 'Turbo Diesel' sticker on the back of my car so they know what 'hit-em'....... YMMV Mike
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    Timing belt change--help requested.

    Good idea Rob..... Our conversations have made me think this thing might be chipped...not at first, but I am now. It is almost stupid fast, and although I have only done it once in almost three years of ownership, I got on it real hard and with very new tires the front end slid and bucked all...
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    Timing belt change--help requested.

    DBW, are you the one in ID that has injectors available? YMMV Mike PS TX is always an option too.... You guys are awesome, I have some figuring to do....
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    Timing belt change--help requested.

    You guys rock..... I will be contacting a few of you, but Boise is looking pretty good for me. The offer to run down to LSE is pretty decent also. I will be giving over the check that is being supplied for the repair work.....I will make sure it's in cash for the one that helps me. Thank you...
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    Timing belt change--help requested.

    I have one of the 'miss labeled' timing belt tensioners. Due to the diligence of Harv I have on the way to my house a new belt, tensioner, and assorted parts to replace the miss labeled tensioner, however, the very competent person that did the original TB change is no longer doing such work...