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    EA288 DPF Ash Loading

    I've been tracking my DPF loading ever since I got VCDS. I'm curious to see if the graph will change much after the Phase1/Phase 2 fixes. Currently it looks like I'll fill up my DPF (80g) around 330,000km. Here's the raw data so far: Date Mileage (km) Ash Load (g) Ash Volume (l) 2016-09-06...
  2. DPF Ash Load

    DPF Ash Load

    Been tracking the ash loading of my DPF. Max according to VCDS is 80g.
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Got my package in Canada as well, here's the full quote from the front page: Here are the warranty numbers for us Canadian Gen 3 owners: I'm at 75,000 km already. If I move on the recall ASAP, I may lose out on some warranty coverage in the long term vs. waiting for the settlement to be approved...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Here's a DSG UOA at 60k km; first change interval. Out of a 2015 Golf TDI.
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    EA288 Used Oil Analysis

    Thanks for the note! I'll send an email to get the EA288 averages. As for DPF ash loading here's where I currently am: 64747km - 15.7g. It's a linear trend so far; max limit according to VCDS is 80g. I'd estimate I'll be full around 330k km. I'll post my current DPF data logs/graph when I do my...
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    EA288 Used Oil Analysis

    60k Oil Results Took some time to get the 60k sample sent out, but here it is! DSG results coming as soon as I can clean them up.
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    2015 (Gen 3) TDI are GOOD TO GO!!!! (fix approved today!)

    Looks good to me! Bring it to Canada! I guess I'll be tracking my DPF stats with VCDS before and after... Curious to see the difference in ash loading and AdBlue consumption. Side note, is my understanding of DPF/CAT replacement correct? If > 40k/70k miles at phase 2, then we get a new...
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    Long Term Rust Prevention?

    It seemed removable to me; just had some rustproofing wax/grease on the body side. It's a press fit between the body and fenders.
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    2015 Golf Comfortline (x2)

    More pics:
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    2015 Golf Comfortline (x2)

    60k Service completed a week or so ago. Fluids and filters were changed a month ago, but the inspection was finished up last week. Looks like I'll be adding a task to clean behind the fender liners at each tire rotation due to buildup of crud.
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  18. Coolant Heater

    Coolant Heater

  19. Peeling Clear Coat

    Peeling Clear Coat

    Bumper was resprayed at an insurance shop following a minor fender bender. Time to take it back...
  20. Accessory Belt

    Accessory Belt

    No visible cracks yet