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    Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck now CJ-4

    Delvac I purchased 4 one gallon jugs of Delvac 1 5w-40 ESP from AV Lubricants a few weeks ago. They are labeled with CJ-4. The AV website shows that Delvac meets CJ-4.
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    TWO Oil leaks under engine at 51k miles Is this common?

    I have two 2005 Passat TDIs and both had a leaky oil return line from the Turbo. Both were fixed correctly under warranty. My 2005 Beetle TDI also had the turbo return leak which I fixed because the connection was easy to get to. The Passat return line is really hard to reach.
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    Michelin Energy MXV4 plus tire mileage

    I had Michelin tires on my 2004 Jetta that I sold at 30K miles. These tires would not have lasted past 40K before replacement. The two 2005 Passat TDIs that I have are at 30K miles with the OEM Continentals. Neither vehicle will make it to 40K miles without replacement. These mileages are on...
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    I'm Fuming!

    Not All VW Service is Bad I needed the brake switch recall done on a 2005 Passat TDI and scheduled the replacement. They fixed a slight oil leak from the turbo oil return line at that time. The repairs were done correctly. When I picked up the car the service writer noticed that I was...
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    Valeo Alternator failure

    Let's face it, all alternator replacements are expensive. The Valeo alternator was less expensive to VW than the Bosch. I will let you decide whether the Valeo is more reliable than a Bosch.
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    why i might dump my TDI for a jeep compass

    I have only owned 2 Chrysler products. A 2001 PT Cruiser and a 2001 Jeep Wrangler. My wife and i drove both for 30K miles and both were perfect. Never had a problem with either one. We traded both for vehicles what got better mileage. Not for vehicles that were more reliable.
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    Smoke Screen

    Yes , I would agree that smoking on heavy throttle is the norm. I have 2 Passat TDIs, both 2005 model year, and they both will smoke on heavy throttle. I also own a 2005 Beetle TDI and it does the same thing. One of the best ways to see smoke is thru the rear view mirror when it is just dark...
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    The verdict is?

    I have 2 Passat '05 model year Passat TDIs each with 31K miles. Both are without a problem. One has recently had the "reflash". Not enough miles to know if the reflash makes any difference.
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    Water in the Trunk

    Some discussion of Passat water leaks in the trunk have taken place in the past. Check out this link:
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    DSG owners with VAG-COM or ScanGauge (Engine load at idle)

    I just sent my scan gauge in for warranty service (the backlight quit working). I will check out the engine loading as soon as I get it back.
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    DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" owners data base

    DATE: 4/29/07 Name: Dick Larimore Year: 2005 Make: Beetle Model: TDI Date of auto production: - August 2004 Engine code: BEW Transmission Code: - HLJ Date of DSG Production: - Purchased, New or Used: New Miles when purchased: 0 Current miles: - 21000 Area of country: - Central Indiana Fuel...
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    NB rear liscense plate bulb access?

    If you look closely at the top of each license plate lense cover you will see a retaining tab. The Bentley manual says to carefully pry out the lense with a "suitable" tool until the retaining tab releases. Once the lense is free, disconnect the harness connector. Turn the bulb holder...
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    engine turns over backwards on cold starts!

    Starter Motor Design Virtually all light duty starting motors today have permanent magnet fields. All present day TDI's are of this design. If you reverse the battery connections to these starters, they do run backwards. However, since starter drives have a one-way overruning clutch, if they...
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    Another Unleaded in TDI Tank. Please help!!

    Not Likely a Check Valve Problem The dealer should rethink the check valve fix. If the vehicle died while sitting at idle, why would the check valve be a problem? The electric fuel pump was on and working at the time. A check valve keeps fuel from flowing back into the tank when the engine is...
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    Batteries Fans and Ugh

    Here is a thought on the reason for the battery current drain. The battery is connected directly to fuse S180 and from there to F18 coolant fan control switch and then to the slow speed input to both radiator fans. There is 12 volts applied to pin 2 of the control switch all the time. A...
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    Dead Battery Every Morning

    When looking down on the battery fuse block while standing in front of the car, the left-most fuse is S180, the middle of the three fuses is S179, and the right-most fuse is S178. Since S180 is for the low speed coolant fans and S179 for the ABS, these circuits have nothing in common.
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    another cooling fan problem

    Which fuse did you pull? In response to you PM, I can find no wiring to the fans, the coolant fan control module, or the coolant fan thermal switch that would contain both a brown and a black striped wire. Brown wires in a VW are always ground wires. So I don't think the "extra" connector has...
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    cooling fan problem anways goes on/off/on/off...

    Although you used the word "fan", I assume your car has two radiator fans and is equipped with A/C. Both of the cooling fans should be on whenever the A/C is running. A coolant fan control switch screwed into the radiator on the lower driver side (North American vehicle) turns both fans on low...
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    Please Help with electrical problem!! Battery issue

    It is almost a certainty that you shorted the alternator bridge diodes. The bridge conducts virtually unlimited current when the battery is connected backwards. The voltage regulator will likely be OK. Your only option will be to replace the alternator. Check the fuses over the battery box. You...
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    this has got to be an easy one--nb fog light

    I have never replaced the fog lamp on my Beetle. However, the Bentley manual for the Beetle has the following instructions: 1) Pull the harness connector off fog light rear cap. 2) Turn rear cap counterclockwise and pull down. 3) Disocnnect unshielded (ground) wire for fog light bulb. 4)...