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    Auto trunk lock fixed

    The trunk unlocked by pushing the button in the console however sometimes it would not unlock by pushing the button on trunk lid. took the trunk cover off. I lubricated and closed the trunk and it worked fine a couple of times then quit opening. I thought it might be the vacuum plunger. In the...
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    Help need Water pump install.

    Installed the water pump and everything went smoothly. I followed the hint of loosening the alternator casing to get the alternator to slide off. Topped up and had the thermostat open, and no leaks BUT For each step I bagged the bolts and nuts but somehow 1 bolt got missed. I am sure it is...
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    Replacing Water pump Passat TDI 1Z Engine - Why not this procedure?

    When following the above procedure does the alternator have to be removed and the AC compressor unbolted and moved to the side. This is on
  5. 1z water pump

    1z water pump

    instructions on replacing water pump
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    water pump 01.png

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    water pump 02.png

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    water pump 03.png

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    water pump 04.png

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    Replacing Water pump Passat TDI 1Z Engine - Why not this procedure?

    I have read several write ups on her replacing the water pump, including 1, removing the alternator and repositioning the AC compressor, to 2. removing the timing belt to be able to remove the idler pulley. I remember many years ago replacing the water pump on my older Passat with the AAZ...
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    Passat B4 tdi Engine mount.

    On our 1991 Jetta TD the front engine mount was hydraulic and you could see it move when the clutch was let out. The Passat TDI front engine mount looks similar, and wonder if it is also hydraulic. This is the number of it 1H0 199 609 J . The dealer has it in stock but wasn't sure if it was...
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    FB B3/4 Post in PA - B4 parts wants gone

    How much for the headlights?
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    Welding the body of a A3

    Worth a watch. or search for Fitzee on youtube
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    Are the headlights any good. Also are the drivers and passenger door regulators?
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    Parting: B4 Passat - Baltimore, MD

    are the headlights ok
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    1996 Passat B4V in accident need

    Yes someone manage to hit the front end of my car. I need the following Headlight Right for sure Headlight left - might be able to epoxy Front Grill Left and righ side marker light yellow - the ones beside the headlight Right drivers signal light assemble This is a immaculate 90 mile all...
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    Best settings for Fuel Economy on B4V

    1996 Passat B4V, Just complete timing belt and running great as always. Have a friend with Vagcom and we will check and adjust timing. Last time if I remember correctly we set near the top line on the graph. For fuel injection quantity what is the best number to put in for fuel economy. \...
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    Timing belt tensioner brand question

    Live in Canada and have always used a INA tensioner on the 1996 Passat tdi. Am now told they can only get SKF or Hepu Are these equivalent to INA? Any experiences or warnings?
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    vibration at idle

    Have a 1997 and a 1996 B4V. The 1996 has more vibration at idle. I have checked the part number and on the front motor mount on both vehicles and it is the same. The 1996 motor mount appears good as it does not move excessively when you let the clutch out and keep the brake on. In the past...
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    Thump or bang from rear when hitting cracks in road

    I read back a few years and saw that Steve was looking at Poly. Did you ever end up buying the Poly units I saw you commented on in 2015. Are you able to see by looking if the beam bushings are worn, Can you jack up car and see any movement? Thanks