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  1. G60'rado

    Yet another Corrado TDI swap

    Engine is together. Got the cylinder head back from the machine shop finally. Waiting on valve guides apparently. Bought the discount timing kit from (cam lock plate, inj pump pin, and timing belt tension wrench), rolled the engine to TDC using a dial gauge through the injector hole. Made sure...
  2. G60'rado

    1997 CTN TDI Manual Transmission Spider Gears

    Had a nice surprise in my CTN when I opened it up. The spider gears have started to pit, so they are done. Going to replace the carrier bearings since I'm in this deep anyways. The ETKA says for this transmission, it uses the 02T498081B "assembly", it doesn't break down the individual parts...
  3. G60'rado

    Ask and Yee shall have options: The Swap Gods: 1.8 coupe to diesel: now, 1.6TD or 1Z

    Not sure why I thought it was a 92. Whoops.:sleep: You would be CE1, and the 96 Passat would be CE2 (central Electric 2). The 96 Passat would certainly be OBD2. That is the diagnostic connector that talks to the electronics in the car (ecu in your case). Cheers.
  4. G60'rado

    Ask and Yee shall have options: The Swap Gods: 1.8 coupe to diesel: now, 1.6TD or 1Z

    Mine was a 1.6 D, so it was even worse than the TD. 50hp, and I think a number of those hp had run off at 400k km. It was always exciting to merge, and I felt bad for anyone behind me. Sootier than an old GMC bus. Can't speak about the tank swap. For my 90 corrado, i swapped the entire trunk...
  5. G60'rado

    Ask and Yee shall have options: The Swap Gods: 1.8 coupe to diesel: now, 1.6TD or 1Z

    I've had a 1991 1.6, and am in the process of swapping an ALH into a 1990 corrado. Can't speak much about the 1z. The 1.6 would be the easiest swap, but it is a fairly anemic engine. I think in stock form, they are 65ish horsepower. But it would drop right in. Mine only required 12volts to the...
  6. G60'rado

    VW 1.6 TDI

    Glow plugs would be an excellent place to start.
  7. G60'rado

    What preferred Laptop suits VCDS

    I like using old surface or tablet style PCs for my tuning & diagnostic computers. Anything with a 5 or 6 year old core i5/i7 that runs windows or linux should be plenty. My garage PC is an old rugged laptop from the late 2000s running windows 7. Handles getting greasy finger prints, and all...
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    Yet another Corrado TDI swap

    Been awhile since I posted anything, but work continues. Bottom end is built. New std bearings, teflon front and rear main seals, new melling oil pump, new std rings. All the aluminum parts are glass beaded, and then clear coated. Waiting for the head to come back from the machine shop. It...
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    Instrument cluster km to miles

    The speedometer holds the mileage I believe. The ross-tech technique will only work if the replacement has less than 100 miles on it. I have had luck dumping the memory from the cluster using . As well, I use dashdumpedit to copy and change the...
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    Yet another Corrado TDI swap

    Got me one of these. Superhappyfun brand. It is 720p, so it has decent resolution, and connected to my phone no problems. " USB Endoscope for OTG Android Phone, Computer, 5.5 mm Borescope Inspection...
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    Yet another Corrado TDI swap

    Ha ha. I'd need to turn up the boost alot to move that 4000 lb pig.
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    Yet another Corrado TDI swap

    Haven't put up any pictures.. The grotty mess on the stand. Coming apart Descaling the block. Scrapers, dull chisel, wire wheels, wire brush, and finally down to die grinder and small stones. Whatever black engine paint I had laying around in the cabinet of wonders and chemicals. I...
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    Painted Engine Block