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  1. VDubbing

    Oil in coolant resevoir bottle

    Yeah divorced sold house living in etobicoke. Ill stop by Im still up there pretty often
  2. VDubbing

    Oil in coolant resevoir bottle

    Its been a while. Did you get rid of the beetle?? Im in etobicoke now but when im visiting stouffville I dont see your beetle when i pass by
  3. VDubbing

    Oil in coolant resevoir bottle

    Im due in about another 30,000 I might as well bite the bullet and do it sooner than later. Im getting a good amount of blow by too. Im guessing this is rings?? I'll see if these need to be done too Thanks Nigel You are the man
  4. VDubbing

    Oil in coolant resevoir bottle

    My 03 Jetta has 351,000 K and has some oil in the resevoir bottle. Last night my low coolant light comes on for maybe 1 minute and goes off again. I look the coolant bottle is full maybe even a little higher than normal. It doesnt look like the normal G12 color and I suspect there is some oil...
  5. VDubbing

    Help AC not working

    Ok my AC stopped working in September and I would like to repair it before it really gets hot. System has refridergant in it. No leaks. When I turn on the AC the fan starts and nothing else. I disconect the wires to the compressor and I am not getting any juice there. Does anyone have any...
  6. VDubbing

    Feeler: Intake clearning

    OMG I feel like a slug 320,000 and mine has never been done. I feel like a bad car owner
  7. VDubbing

    Thanks Precision Tuning

    Thanks Perjad, I am very happy with the great suspension job you did for me. I cant believe the difference. Its better than new again. I should have done this over a year ago. The car handles great and seems to brake much better than before. I just had to give you a shout out the Bilstein...
  8. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    Thanks all I have a set of tires now. Much appreciated
  9. VDubbing

    Pirelli $70 off Deal at Costco Canada (in store only)

    It would be a good scam except that CBSA has spies on here ;) Evil that would work with a Customs officer who is lazy. A good one will ask for phone numbers etc and verify what you said. Most dont care myself included. CBSA officers contract is expiring in June and many officers are a little...
  10. VDubbing

    Looking for one

    Monty rim. Does anyone have one in good shape??
  11. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    thanks nigel im looking on both as well.
  12. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    i will need both. i can get tires but i first need rims. what do you have and how much are you asking?
  13. VDubbing

    Finally got some booooooost back!

    That I would like to see!!!
  14. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    Im looking for a set of OEM wheels for my 03 Jetta TDI. Id prefer a set of 15 or 16 inch. Please email me pics and price to : robdougald at
  15. VDubbing

    Selling a set of summer wheels and a set of winters *PIX Thursday

    pics here too of the beetle rims robdougald at rogers dot com
  16. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    Does anyone have a set of 15 or 16 inch alloy wheels to sell? Id prefer a OEM VW set. I'll try the source if i dont hear anything here.
  17. VDubbing

    Fs: Alh race pipe $80

    If you will take 60 consider it sold
  18. VDubbing

    Pirelli $70 off Deal at Costco Canada (in store only)

    If you get them installed down there and get caught they seize your car. The seizure penalty on your car the whole value of your car will be considerably more than your tuires never mind the taxes. Just declare the tires it isn't worth it.
  19. VDubbing

    Help! got a ticket from impark

    Well having written parking tickets in the past for a private company....yes we write the same tickets as the Toronto Police your car can be towed off of private property. This sounds like quite a different ticket though.
  20. VDubbing

    Where to get oil pan in a hurry

    Does anyone know who might stock an polish for my 03 jet? I bottomed out and spewed oil. As soon as I saw the low oil light I shut her down and am having her towed to a local shop. Is there anywhere that will have a pan in stock? Anything else I need to worry about?? After stopping about a...