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    b4 rear brake question

    I have the same craftsman extractor set abacus used, they have been the best option I have found for removing these. I swap them to standard hex bolts whenever I remove them.
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    Sent you a message.
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    I have one that ran but it was making a loud tapping noise. Nothing good though.
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    I'm not sure what part you are looking for, dp you mean the pedal bracket inside the car?
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    It is not unfortunately, I checked that for someone else
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    Bump, make me offers. I don't want to throw it away!
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    Beige door cards have need picked up along with most of the window regs. I think I have 1 front and 3 motors still. I have some other parts, if you need something please ask. I might have it.
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    Interesting issue with clutch

    Couple things to check, I bent a clutch fork on my old passat. In the bellhousing with a bore scope I could see the bow in the fork. Second is up near the bellhousing sight plug is a threaded hole that you can put a bolt in to hold the fork from falling out when assembling, this is also the...
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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    I have a long list of parts I am looking to get out of my basement, I had a b4 passat for years and acquired quite a collection. I am now driving a mk3 amongst other cars and do not need the stuff. B4 BEIGE INTERIOR I have an almost complete beige interior. I converted mine to black. I should...
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