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    ///// Healthy Coal !! /////

    Times they have changed. Careful Andy, The Cancel Culture Justice Warriors are at the gate. I get up to 50mpg but drive a dirty diesel. Just drink the koolaid and we can all live in utopia.
  2. Rapid Transit

    MK4 Jetta ALH no start condition Intermittent

    I had wiring/connector issue at the CPS and the tach worked fine. Car never shut down on me but was hard starting. Left me stranded for 30mins once. Bought a new sensor and was tracing out the wires/plug and plug was either loose or wires were damaged. Cars been running fine since with the new...
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    Boost and/or Fueling Issues After 1019 Nozzles and Stage 4

    I appreciate posts that discuss the software and it’s effects on the hardware. To me, it is so much more valuable than another stuck vanes diagnosis. tdi_my live, thanks for your input. Most that truly understand the programming are venders and they have little to no incentive to share this...
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    Cheaper Delete options

    Half the people on here have egr delete or a tune or transplanted motor from car a to car b or support venders that sell race parts. Why poo on this fella? It’s ok for the long time members to be a douche, but not the new guy? This thread failed miserably!
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    Hello TDI club! My 99.5 TDI Build

    I was told by Malone tuner that a stage 4 tune was required with a 3-bar MAP. I max at 24lbs of boost according to my gauge.
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    EPA cracks down on “coal roller” supplier

    I guess if you can afford a helicopter or plane to get to work or your kid’s basketball game your a hero we should all look up to. Emissions? What’s that? Good news is, if we just give them everything that ask for they will look out for our best interest. Ask an Indian. Wait, can I call them...
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    Low mileage 2003 Jetta wagon. What do I need?

    And that’s why the MK4 ALH has a cult like following! Warms my heart.
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    How to measure a wheel spacer?

    Stock lugs are 27mm in length. Measure spacer width and add that to the 27mm and you will have length required.
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    Hello TDI club! My 99.5 TDI Build

    Malone stage 3 with the VNT17 & 3-bar map? Stage 3 tune, boost is limited to 14lbs or so.
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    Another one bites the dust

    Yikes! Glad you’re alright. Sorry for your loss.
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Sonoma Autowerks LLC in Petaluma is worth a look. Been a while since I used them but would again now that our Guru has escaped.
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Per my post, the gentlemen that Matt was renting from also worked on TDI’s, did my buddies two months ago but is letting his lease go and retiring from auto mechanics.
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    He did my buddies timing belt and it turned out good. Unfortunately he told me he was giving up the lease and retiring from auto mechanics.
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    Rattle at Idle

    Added for future searchers.
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    Rattle at Idle

    Thanks for that. I’ll plug in today and bump it up a tad, if I can. I have smacked the dash to no affect. The sound appears to come through center vent deep in the dash. Maybe engine compartment? If I hold RPMs at 950, no vibration. Car is pretty much rattle free with exception of this...
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    Rattle at Idle

    Ever since 11mm pump upgrade and tune I’ve had a rattle coming from center of the dash. This occurs only at 903rpm. I’m wishing I would have opted for the dynamic idle just to get past the harmonics causing my pain. About to tear dash apart to find offender. Anybody else have this affliction?
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    Right rear tail light out

    If you replaced bulb with used, don’t be surprised if the replacement bulb has high resistance contact too. File/sand bulb contacts clean and reinstall with dielectric grease.
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    Buying 00 jetta

    All good advice. If you’ve never driven one, at minimum, take someone that has. A nice test drive with someone familiar and you can get an idea of what you got. Even then, count on surprises. Not to scare you away, but give you realistic expectations.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Stock height but recently refreshed suspension. Lowering these cars can make it look pretty but kills the ride and takes the oil pan from bad location to stupid location, even with the armor installed. Tires are slightly over stock at 215/55R16. In a different post I stated I thought it was...