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  1. d2freeman

    Looking for info on a cp4 disaster prevention kit

    Their absolutely WAS a kit for the CP4, 2 kits in fact. Just no longer made. I have both kits on my car with 408k miles on the original cp4 pump.
  2. d2freeman

    Oil Filter / Cooler housing failed - 2nd time

    Yep, it is basically a maintenance item, and I suspect these are all made by the same manufacturer, what is the chance that multiple companies are making a 1 off part? This part is a Magneti Marelli, but the part they now sell is a Febi-Bilstein and FCPEuro also sells a Vemo version, All are...
  3. d2freeman

    Oil Filter / Cooler housing failed - 2nd time

    Just had my 2nd oil cooler housing failure, exact same failure as before, same coolant passage and same broken inside wall. Original lasted 216k miles, this one 190k miles. Caught it this time as soon as it started leaking. This was an OEM VW part, replaced with the part from IDParts this time.
  4. Failure2.JPG


    Oil Filter Housing - failure #2
  5. d2freeman

    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    I changed my 2micron filter after 169k miles,was still working fine.
  6. d2freeman

    Moving from '05 Passat to '13 - a few questions

    I read somewhere that the load limit was 140g, but I do not remember where. I have tracked ash load since my car was new, I replaced my DPF at 295k miles, I had purchased a used one from someone who had deleted their car right after purchase (~3k miles). My car was performing a regen every 160...
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    Moving from '05 Passat to '13 - a few questions

    I have the Kerma Tune on my 13 passat and after the emissions fix the DEF usage went way down, and now after the Kerma tune it uses almost none, maybe 6 oz in the 14k since the tune.
  8. d2freeman

    Original 2Micron Tech filter replacement

    Cim-Tek 70025 300BHA-01 Particulate Removal Bio-Fuel B100 & E85 Filter
  9. d2freeman

    2012 Passat TDI coolant leak

    Maybe this will help, picture of the back of the engine.
  10. d2freeman

    Throttle Valve & EGR Valve Removal Help

    The EGR cooler is on the backside of the engine below the turbo, The charge air cooler (intercooler) is on the front of the engine below the intake. From the manual. 5.13 Throttle Valve Control Module -J338- Removing – Remove the engine cover – Remove noise insulation – Remove the charge air...
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    OEM Belly Pan Fastener Torx Sizes

    They are cheap at the dealer because they get a steady supply from not putting then all back during service.
  12. d2freeman

    OEM Belly Pan Fastener Torx Sizes

    This what I used for replacements
  13. d2freeman

    2015 tdi crankcase pressure

    Mine may be a little more than this, but not much more and I am at 402k miles..
  14. d2freeman

    can someone check this log run is correct just click on the link above the website opens the log for you.
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    This one is listed in my account, used it yesterday. Expires 4/14/23 226850432204981282 Give it a try.
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    High mileage CR - post it up!

    I am at 400,800 as of this week, not sure I will ever catch up to you, as I am only driving about 700 miles a week now. 2013 Passat SE DSG
  17. d2freeman

    New VW diesel engine

    Hell we have been running out since the 70's, evidentially a lot more dinosaurs died than they figured.
  18. d2freeman

    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    13 Passat 401k and counting.
  19. d2freeman

    NMS Birthday Mileage Roll call

    That is the differential pressure across the Particulate filter, it goes down to about 30 right after a regen. Before I changed out my DPF it would get up to 350 when climbing a hill when it was close to triggering a regen.
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    FS - Micro-CAN VCDS cable - $150 shipped lower 48. Purchased directly from Ross-Tech - unlimited VINs