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  1. Votblindub

    DIY How To Easily Upgrade MK4 Front Strut Mounts Cupra R Mounts

    I've had the purple ones in my car for a while now. Seems to be working well with the Powerflex bushings.
  2. Votblindub

    Don’t mess with your emissions

    So, I decide to have a crazy drag car built or something that you don't typically see on the streets. I have that done and i trailer it all over, push it into my garage/storage and do things right it's ok. Then, I decide to be dumb and just go for a ride on a public highway, then company that...
  3. Votblindub

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I'm told that most shops don't actually bother with doing the alignment correctly. Make sure to ask for printouts of the before and after figures. This makes them actually do it and adjust it they way it's supposed to be. Sometimes, you have to be there and watch and find things out and...
  4. Votblindub

    Don’t mess with your emissions

    Slap an "off-road use only" sticker and let it roll. That's what the rest of industry does.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Not today, but Monday. Went to go for a drive in the wagon, but it just shut off 2 minutes into the drive after starting up idling perfectly fine for probably 10-15 min. Threw a CEL, was cranking but no start. Something is causing the IP to jump time likely. No idea what's going on there. The...
  6. Votblindub

    Recommendations for a lower seat

    I'm 6'2" and I'm ok with .:R32 seats. The bottom is considerably slimmer than the regular seats my car came with. Typically, I have the seats all the way down in the white car. I lean back a decent amount, but I'm still comfortable and can reach the steering wheel just fine. If you see me from...
  7. Votblindub

    Extended maintenance booklet

    Thanks, dude! :)
  8. Votblindub

    Should Airbox Look Like This?

    I think it's something i'd use if i lived in an area where there's a lot of sand, dirt and dust or loads of vegetation that's just loose and gets vacuumed up into the intake all the time. You probably won't see that thing move much, but I'm curious to find out what it will show at the end of the...
  9. Votblindub

    03 ALH w/heavy mods shutting off at random(fuel cut suspected)

    Well, the crank sensor was replaced. The part was a quick purchase, so it wasn't the better quality one, but it worked. It was causing a bit of a leak, so now there's a good one in place.
  10. Votblindub

    Should Airbox Look Like This?

    Close them, seal them tight and youre fine. Different filters will sit a little different in the airbox, but as long as it's tightly closed you can just enjoy driving.
  11. Votblindub

    New to me ‘03 wagon

    Welcome. Wagons are the best. I found my unicorn on here. Chasing them is tough, but when you see a clean one come up, you have to jump on the opportunity. Read through the forum, loads of great info on here. There's some mods that would REALLY improve the experience of having one, but that's...
  12. Votblindub

    Show us your MK4 mods

    Bako, check this out
  13. Votblindub

    03 ALH w/heavy mods shutting off at random(fuel cut suspected)

    SOLVED The timing was out of whack on it. It's starting, running and staying running fine.
  14. Votblindub

    MKIV Jetta OEM HID replica headlights.

    I thought those looked familiar, I have that set in my wagon currently.
  15. Votblindub

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I asked a guy at a pump in NJ. I pulled up to a pump in NJ on the thruway and asked him about it. He said that because it's the thruway, I'm not allowed for liability reasons, but some other pumps on other regular roads can let you pump your own. But, does anyone actually have a page out of the...
  16. Votblindub

    ALH CEL questions

    How's that glowplug harness doing? I had codes like that on my white car. I replaced one plug at a time. Swapped em around and there was no rhyme or reason to how it threw codes, just threw codes. It disappeared once, but when I rolled 2 car lengths it came back. It all went away after I swapped...
  17. Votblindub

    which sway bar link to buy?

    OlyTDI, when you get the bushings, pay attention to if they're rubber or silicone. Rubber ones don't need to be greased, but the silicone ones need grease. The manufacturers will usually include some grease with them, but not all the time. Grease them on the inside and outside before you bolt it...
  18. Votblindub

    For Sale: 2001 Jetta TDI for parts

    You can put em on IMGUR or there's a tutorial on how to upload pics here available with a quick search.
  19. Votblindub

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    My audi has that brown curly looking wood trim. It's definitely better than the silver stuff, but not as nice as the carbon fiber. I'm going to use the GLI aluminum trim in my wagon. I've already got the pieces saved up.
  20. Votblindub

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    So, I think there's some axle binding with that new axle. I had the car loaded up with stuff and it was making a lot more noise. After unloading the stuff, it was a bit less, but taking right turns makes it shake and wobble like a loose front wheel of a shopping car. What the hell causes that, guys?