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  1. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat parasitic drain

    I too have a 2015 Passat and have never found a fuse diagram anywhere and the dealer will not pass the info on. So my workarouind is this, a bit expensive though. Buy the Littlr fuse smart glo fuses and swap the old fuses out to these. If anything blows, the Little Fuse Glo fuses will glow...
  2. Jetta_Pilot

    TDI sel

    Do a VW P205c search on GOOGLE, too many to all list here!
  3. Jetta_Pilot

    Diesel price...

    East of Markham. WHERE????? Only one I know is near Deseronto.
  4. Jetta_Pilot

    Which one of you is this?

    Nuts !
  5. Jetta_Pilot

    MK6 Golf TDI timing belt replacement recommendations in Ottawa area?

    This may be a little late but check out OTTOSTADT in Gatineau
  6. Jetta_Pilot

    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    Not to burst your bubble, but to buy a used VCDS and register it in the new owners name can cost nearly what a brand new unit costs. So unless you find a dumb sucker who does not know that, you're lucky to sell it.
  7. Jetta_Pilot

    How to correct speedometer for taller tires

    VW for some reason, ostensibly to avoid speeding tickets, makes the speedometer read for example 60 Mph when you are really going less, up to 5% less at Kph or a different percentage at Mph, but your odometer will be correct. When you install larger tires, as I have also done, the speedometer...
  8. Jetta_Pilot

    Any independent tuners around?

    You really do NOT need anyone else to do this for you. Unless I am wrong I thought "Kerma" is gone? Malone will rent you the Flashzilla tool to download your OEM tune via the OBD II port, then you email the OEM tune to them. Within a very short time you will get your new tune emailed back to...
  9. Jetta_Pilot

    Phone in car

    You've got me wondering now. Maybe it is a setting that could be changed via VCDS?
  10. Jetta_Pilot

    Came to say Hello

    Well unless a GTG happens soon, I'm not going to make it. Have a 6 months flight booked for Nov. 2nd
  11. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    Nothing to do with fuses. When I was in China I did see their Passat "Magotan" and I saw differences but could not really pinpoint them. Just for information purposes showing the history of the Passat as well as pointing out the different models for North America, Europe and China...
  12. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    d2freeman I appreciate you posting the info but it is as clear as mud to me. The closest I can find is still not applicable to my 2015, for instance I have NO fuses to the right of the dash and I may be wrong no fuses under the hood. In other cars I've had there were clear indications as to...
  13. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    Nope and I'd been looking ever since I got the car 5 years ago. Maybe post the diagram to help others !!! But then maybe a 2013 is a different animal. BTW: For what it's worth friends have a KIA and it has almost 5 pages in the owners manual for fuses including a diagram !!!
  14. Jetta_Pilot

    No fuse diagram available !!!

    I drive a 2015 Passat and I know that there is no fuse diagram available anywhere, the dealer is no help. So if a fuse blows how do you know which one it is? I had the fuse for the 12volt outlet below the radio go on me. Because of the fuses I had installed I knew exactly which fuse it is since...
  15. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    So seeing that the GLO fuse idea seems to be the best way around the which fuse is what for and NO fuse diagram available anywhere, I am now going to buy a kit of the smaller mini glo fuses too and then if another fuse blows I can immediately tell which "ACTUAL" fuse it is !!!
  16. Jetta_Pilot

    Phone in car

    I'm just curious if the cellphone uses the shark fin antenna or just it's own antenna when connected in the car.
  17. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDi Battery Swap

    c3kTDi (And, my VCDS had no setting for that change, since I have no BCM.) Well that setting doesn't just stare you in the face. You'll need to look for it !!!
  18. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    No idea why it blew, definitely NO paper clip anywhere near there ever. But having said that I just bought another kit of 43 GLO fuses, probably will last me my lifetime.
  19. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    Well as we all know there is no fuse diagram to be found. Maybe someone in the business of repairing may have that. Now about 3-4 years ago I decided that that is ridiculous and spent the money to buy an assortment of ATO fuses that light up when they are blown. Happened to me today that a...
  20. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDi Battery Swap

    See my post above ! In my VCDS there is a setting I changed from FLOODED battery to AGM battery. To the best of my knowledge an AGM battery wants a lower charge rate compared to a flooded battery.