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  1. vwishndaetr

    New VW diesel engine

    Been hearing that for 20+ years. Still plenty to go around.
  2. vwishndaetr

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Honest question for all the folks that daily diesels... any consideration for switching over to a hybrid/gas? Even by today's standards, the previous 50mpg VW diesels are pretty close to gas powertrains and hybrids now a days.
  3. vwishndaetr

    98 TDI Build

    Not at this moment, at least not on the car, but I will soon! Once again, house renos have been a priority over the car unfortunately. Additionally, I've been trying to get some of the other items all organized and situated in the garage to make room for a MaxJax lift! :) I should have a break...
  4. vwishndaetr

    AHU block surface temps

    From the heat? The coating I am chasing will be done for the purpose of aesthetics. So my goal would be to mimic coverage of the black factory finish. I might consider coating the side of the block that mates up to the trans since there is bare metal exposed there, but I think I have some...
  5. vwishndaetr

    AHU block surface temps

    I have another question, what is the max temp a block could see before warping can become an issue? In terms of cure schedules for certain coatings, there are a couple that require a 500F cure for 1 hour. Would this be problematic?
  6. vwishndaetr

    AHU block surface temps

    I heard back from the vendor - they said 250F with intermittent spikes to 300F. I think I need a little more of a safety net than that. I am really chasing a high sheen/reflective finish on the block. I even ventured down the road of potentially chrome plating, but that is a bit unrealistic...
  7. vwishndaetr

    AHU block surface temps

    That's reasonable. I want to go down the road of powder coating an AHU block for an ongoing project. I reached out to the powder coat vendor to confirm max operating temps... But I think 200F isn't too difficult of a target. We'll see.
  8. vwishndaetr

    AHU block surface temps

    Not sure if I am just not doing the right thing to find an answer or if this is an obscure enough of a question where the answer doesn't exist... Does anyone know what typical surface temps are of an AHU engine block? Let's assume stock output, maybe 30C (or a hot summer day). Just looking for...
  9. vwishndaetr

    98 TDI Build

    I'm good actually. I had some ideas around one but have since moved on. Not really necessary anymore. Thanks though. Got some feedback for me? I'm all ears.
  10. vwishndaetr

    98 Jetta TDI 1.9 ALH

    What transmission we talking about? I thought the 5spd and even the 02J were interchangeable...
  11. vwishndaetr

    Rust repair

    Ooo - looks more like Indian Red. The things I would do to get a mk3 variant in the US.
  12. vwishndaetr

    Rust repair

    Second image looks like its Memory Red. Which means it's the best color of all time. Which means it shall be saved.
  13. vwishndaetr

    98 TDI Build

    My counter-hold tool came in, and let me say I don't regret the $67 it cost me... Bought it from idparts. I had the front crank bolt loosened in about 30 seconds. Always appreciate when "the right tool for the job" does what's intended. Got the timing gear off, and inspected the front crank...
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