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  1. J_dude

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Was out around London, ON over the the weekend and it was around $1.56/L there, thought it was strange it could be that much cheaper than here in Saskatchewan. We’re about the same here as you guys right now.
  2. J_dude

    What is my uncle’s ‘65 Bel Air worth?

    Some cancer on the fenders, a couple small dents here and there, and the DS rear, just behind the fender, was involved in a little accident at some point but never got repaired. Not sure about patches.
  3. J_dude

    oops! I did it again - back in the TDI game

    I had to do this last year, but mine had fallen out and was down against the lens. Fished a piece of wire through the bulb hole to reach it, spot of glue on it then needle nose pliers to seat it back in its home. Should be good.
  4. J_dude

    Help! Suddenly no reverse - other gears are fine

    Like burpod said above, no need to remove the shifter knob, just pull/unclip the shift boot ring up out of the center console, and that will give you all the room you need to find the bushings
  5. J_dude

    Window seal fix

    Oh my. That’s over 9 years man! And I thought I was good at procrastinating! 😂 I get it though, my Dodge has been in pieces in my shop for over three years now, one of these days... lol
  6. J_dude

    All Broke Back and no mountain mechanic

    Nice! Hopefully nothing ever breaks off the weld inside and gets in the engine though, that would ruin your day for sure. Mine has a small hole in the same spot, I think I’m going to use it as an excuse to get a “performance” aftermarket pipe 😁
  7. J_dude

    Diesel price...

    Welll... it IS in the Ontario section... lol Oh, and that’s *Canucks* btw 😂
  8. J_dude

    ALH vacuum pump fix

    Its loose at the vacuum pump? See this thread below for a fix.
  9. J_dude

    oops! I did it again - back in the TDI game

    I love the way you worded that 😂 Also, it’s awesome to see updates on the progress you’re making on this car, keep it up man!
  10. J_dude

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I can’t remember exactly but I think it’s a 12mm, not sure of TPI. I can check my Helicoil Kit when I get home though.
  11. J_dude

    Import mk4 pd150

    Haven’t you always wanted to see Germany for yourself? *wink wink*
  12. J_dude

    Ding Ding Ding

    This was how I found out it DOES actually shut off on it’s own, eventually... 😂 Also, don’t bother with the forum search bar, it’s mostly useless. Just do a google search and throw in with your search terms.
  13. J_dude

    Ticking noise on ALH motor...

    Isnt the BRM intake a significant improvement in flow and balance for these engines? I think I read something about that not too long ago.
  14. J_dude

    Ding Ding Ding

    Yup, that stupid incessant door chime
  15. J_dude

    New VW diesel engine

    True that
  16. J_dude

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    That’s always the trouble eh? “What ELSE should I fix while I’ve got the thing all torn apart?”
  17. J_dude

    Ticking noise on ALH motor...

    Just to clarify, you’re coasting while in gear?
  18. J_dude

    real world EVs review

    Yeah, I talk to/work with a lot of truck drivers every day as part of my job, and I’ve only seen a total of two COE rigs roll through our yard in the two years I’ve been working in this position. They tell me the ride quality really suffers when you’re sitting right over the axle too.
  19. J_dude

    I'm a really bad TDI owner, looking to be a less bad TDI owner.

    Yup it gets me from time to time too
  20. J_dude

    I'm a really bad TDI owner, looking to be a less bad TDI owner.

    This thread was started in 2018 btw