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    FS 96 B4V Peal Red 190K miles $5,500

    Yeah... '03 I think
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    FS 96 B4V Peal Red 190K miles $5,500

    I remember tha bra! :D
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    How are interior dimensions measured?

    My father is 6'4" and he can fit in cars that I cannot, but that desn't matter. It's pretty obvious now that all you care about is whining.
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    How are interior dimensions measured?

    Instead of whining about it why don't you create a standard and start measuring for others to use. You could even make it a community based site for people to contribute data. I personally am in the same boat as you (6'2" with short legs and long torso). I need max headroom with the seat 2/3...
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    How are interior dimensions measured?

    The big problem is that not all 6'6" people are the same, seats are widely adjustable, and the comfortable position for one is not for the other.
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    WTB: VW TDI for ~$5000 or less

    Kinda rough but if it's kept up by harv it's probably in better running shape than most out there: Use the extra $1k for a nice drive back If we weren't scraping by to make our mortgage payment (among other things) I'd be considering it for...
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    Regrets buying the Odyssey

    PAX is a nice idea but a horrible execution. Basically the system itself is ok, however, the replacement cost is high and certified repair/replacement centers are hard to come by for most. ---------------- On the issue of the transmission. In 2006 Honda put a new transmission in the 2wd...
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    TDI Stickers Coupon Code for $2.50 (free shipping)

    Unless you have permission from Bill Watterson, which I doubt. Either way you need to register as a vendor if you wish to continue to sell here.
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    question about Kerma's new turbos

    Please contact vendors directly for the specs on their products.
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    why i might dump my TDI for a jeep compass

    My family has had horrible luck with Chryslers. I took a chance and bought one... Never again.
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    jeff at rc, please respond

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    FS: 1990 Jetta Turbo diesel, $4495 obo

    Did you actually read the description before you went off on your little diatribe?
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    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI Daytona, Florida

    Pics of damage? Any wrecks? When was the first belt changed? you're 15k over on your second. Do you have records for all the maint done? Daydreaming...
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    2000 golf tdi

    Any additional details? Trim level, why it wont start, maint history, etc?
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    Still havent seen a TDI at a fuel pump

    I think the only other TDI I saw at the pump was Ric Woodruff (if you don't know him don't ask, just be glad)... Thank god I was driving the Tacoma that day...
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    40K Service...Dealer says extras needed???

    I'd like to know how they think they can safely clean the injectors. Look in the manual. If it says do it then do it if it doesn't then it's your money to lose doing un-needed things that can really fubar you.
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    Diesel Motorcycle

    They don't have a kit classification in NC? If they file it as a Beetle then you'll probably have to insure it as a car too... But that may actually be cheaper until it's involved in a wreck and the ins co finds out it's not really a "Beetle" but a trike and deny coverage.
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    FS: 2006 Pkg 2 Jetta 5spd w/XM Central FL

    This thursday I will be finding out the fate of my left wrist. I've already been diagnosed with Arthritis due to an old injury that didn't properly heal and it's possible I have some tendon damage there too. Depending or the results of the MRI I either will have to deal with this for the rest of...