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    How to find where mice are getting in an MK4 (03 Jetta)

    Tracking with Glowbug I'd be checking the undercarriage bung plugs I've had to replace quite a few on my 01 Golf.
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    Glow plugs 101 ***Ver. 2.0***

    Thank You Wingnut just set this code today scanned with vagcom went to Ross tech wiki and they have a link to your post. Went to test my glow plugs and my harness crumbled into pieces. Will still test to be sure in the meantime time to order a harness, thanks again.
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    Horrible MPG, but car runs excellently? 2012 Jetta Sportwagen

    The EPA CARB CA clowns are choking the S+!t out of your engine.
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    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    My first diesel is a 01 VW Golf gl with a ALH motor I bought it used with 69000 miles for 13k back in 04 this car has made $ for me. As I look back with the fuel economy. Retired from Uncle Sams club in 04 after Iraq deployment and went straight into divorce in central TX. Finalized she went...