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    I have one available immediately for $250 plus shipping.
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    Fs: MAF

    Yes, it is.
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    FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...

    Rims/tires have been SOLD.
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    FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...

    Still available...Price lowered to $700 + shipping...
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    Fs: MAF

    I will see how much shipping to Canada is and get back to you.
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    Fs: MAF

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    Fs: MAF

    I am selling a Bosch MAF (part #038 906 461 C) for the 1.9L ALH engine. Never installed. Price: $100.00 I accept Paypal. Prefer local pickup or will meet buyer within 100 miles or buyer pays charges calculated from 22407 via USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation.
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    FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...

    SOLD...FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...SOLD I no longer have my Jetta and am selling five (5) 17" LB rims w/Pirelli P Zero Nero M/S tires mounted. Rims have surface scratches/scrapes. I bought them that way; intending to get them refinished but never got around to it. No curb rash and can...
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    2003 bluetooth retrofit?

    I wouldn't get the IHF1000 from a VW dealer becuase it costs way more than what you can get it for off the internet. JMHO
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    REJEX brand polish/protectant

    Don't knock it till youv'e tried it...Linky to Rejex
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    REJEX brand polish/protectant

    Rejex's the front of my C6 after a Rejex treatment...4 day old dead bug guts sprary right off with a power washer... I also put it on the rear of all my keeps the soot from building up on the VeeDubya's and dust off the others...
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    Insect Alley

    Use Rejex... after cleaning them off...I use it on my other car and even after they have been on the bumper for four days, they sprayed off with a power washer.
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    Dealer Kudos (Long Post)

    I want to pass on some comments regarding my recent experience with Martens VW service department. A couple of days after having my ’04 B5.5 serviced at the local dealership where I purchased it, the car developed a stutter at certain speeds and was down slightly on power. There was also a...
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    B5.5's Day of Glory!

    What the did the MFD read for MPG's???
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    The Holy Grail: 2003 Jetta Wagon GLS 5-speed

    Boy am I glad I sold my '03 Jetta with 93K miles and a dent in the trunk lid to a guy who approached me while I fueling up and asked if I would consider selling it. Sold it for $15k and pocketed $4,000 profit. When opportunity knocks, answer the door. Have fun guys and play nice.
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    VW Navigation (MFD) accuracy

    Installed the new G MFD in my Passat today; Muchas grasiass to the Jedi Master of the MFD for his assistance ;). Accuracy matches what I had in my Jetta. Within 2-3 seconds after turning a corner, the arrow indicator makes the turn and "catches" up. My settings are 1930 and 8. But mine has...
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    The best TDI to mod in the U.S.?

    If you sold your car and only asked $1,800 more than what you paid for it, you are cheating yourself. I recently sold my '03 Jetta with >92k miles for $4,000 more than I owed on it after being approached at a pump and asked if I was interested in selling it...I told him that anything is for...