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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Understand (your position) Found this via Google which makes my question moot… :D
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Ross Tech… really ? Why does Ross Tech (RT) sell a product (w/ technical hotline)… but refuse to provide info on location/phone of their VCDS owners so VW owners can contact the poor guy so (s)he can put their VCDS product to use ? :( P.S. RT claims "privacy issues."
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    T/signal coding for 2016 GSW-TSI

    Anyone got the code to change t/s from three blinks to five (as in my 2012 tdi... that I "had to sell.":rolleyes:
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    Nav unit swap ?

    Will the 2016 nav unit from an SEL fit ... plug-in AND work w/o wiring change(s) ?
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    Looks like I must have added an extra zero

    Compliments of the Rooskies, dontcha' know.
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    A proactive Dealership...?

    Not ALL the information REQUIRED to complete the BuyBack docs is available HERE… or at the PORTAL !
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    Bar Code Issue

    FWIW, after dnlding the set (signed and notarized) and then converting to a SINGLE .pdf file (a required format… but not stipulated)…… use yer' phone to read the QR code on the printed set of 7 pages. Xtra step, but ensures (to some degree) that "they" won't (likely) have an issue w/ the...
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    Upload Site Live - Just uploaded Docs

    Complaining ≠ Confused I complained their letter does not state that ALL of the "Offer Letter" MUST BE scanned (and uploaded) as a SINGLE PDF document (with the required signatures, etc.). Proof: Finally, the Offer Letter states (in the first sentence): "You accept this buyback offer… by...
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    Upload Site Live - Just uploaded Docs

    Oh, really ? Got the 7 page document via an eMail link… dnld and sign both, notarize "Pg. 2" so… two (2) signed pages. Following the directions in that seven (7) page dnld, went to Portal, I see: Offer and Acceptance (Steps 16-17) which ONLY allows me to UPLOAD one (1) document. They...
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    Just about the worst documents handling

    How do SO MANY people here (tdiclub) KNOW what they (VW folks) are gonna' do ?
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    Is it bad to let your TDI sit long term?

    And in the fender wells, where they eat the wiring to the sidemarker lights.
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    Might I ask if you have a CONFIRMED buyback appointment ?
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    Just listened to the recording at 1-844-98-CLAIM to hear "No FINAL Scheduled (Buyback) Appointments." (edited)
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    Will there be a class action suit against Bosch

    Read recently that today's "kids" possibly may be able to sue their parents for posting early childhood pictures on facebook, et al… if the kids are "unhappy" because Mom posted them. :eek:
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    So VW will remarket the cars?? so much for a 14 Billion loss

    This forum is US based, but why in h3ll is no one considering VW won't export the buybacks (that are US certified) to countries that "love" diesels ?
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    Politicians… go away !

    Good question ! Answer… "they" MUST justify their existence. Meddling in a fait accompli is one way. Hint: they = politicians
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    Politicians… go away !

    Congresswoman raises concerns about VW settlement oversight Kalifornia is trying to sneak it's nose under the tent in "demanding others" have a say in VW's electric car program. :(
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    We could just ignore the whole buyback thing

    Month ago, left a deposit on a '15 JSW/TDI. May be off base, but the selling price for a two year old "new" car just might be close to the VW buy-out figure(s).
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    Some here were WRONG.... Buybacks on cars purchased post 6-28

    Settlement disbursement ? Settlement Agreement (Pg 10) reads, at 2.33— “Eligible Vehicle” means Model Year 2009 through 2015 Volkswagen… equipped with 2.0-liter TDI engines that… (2) are, at any point during the period September 18, 2015 to June 28, 2016… or (is) owned by a Non-Volkswagen...