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  1. tothemax

    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Agreed! If the car is driveable maybe consider driving to Portland area to have either Justin, Matt or Rich from Fixum Haus handle the TB or other TDI work. These are 3 of the best TDI mechanics on the West Coast. For minor TDI stuff or non-TDI related maintenance like brakes...
  2. tothemax

    ALH tune and California smog.

    There is another thread with better information on this... called New California smog checks....... under the West Coast /Canada USA forum L Look for Matt-98AHU 's post and those that follow We may be better to focus on one thread on the same topic.. Bottom line you should be OK with...
  3. tothemax

    Turbo no longer available

    Apologies to all those interested , turbo is no longer available. My son wants to keep it. Best
  4. tothemax

    FS - IE Rods, Neural Race pistons $800 shipped, ARP piston ring compressors - $25

    More garage cleaning - IE Rods, Neural Race pistons 79.46 OD , approximately 30,000 Miles on them. Pistons.& rods - $800 shipped Deeper rod pockets cut on the pistons You will need new rings, otherwise good to go for your building your high performance engine. I have been keeping these...
  5. tothemax

    FS - PD150 & regular ALH Intake manifold and racepipe Norcal $180, $90 & $60

    PD150 Intake manifold - Not very dirty but I would clean the inside before installing $180 Regular ALH Intake manifold cleaned $90 Racepipe clean $60 + Standard box USPS shipping PS - Also have a bunch of TDI performance parts am selling separately, check out my other posts
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    FS - MK4 4 and 3 spoke steering wheels and airbags & harness $50, $100 & $125 depending- in Norcal for a bit

    Have MK4 a number of MK4 steering wheels and airbags & harness. As these cannot be shipped, local pick up only - East Bay SF Norcal for now 1 - 4 spoke steering wheel and airbag - - Steering $50 airbag $50 1 - 3 spoke steering wheel and airbag - Steering $100 airbag $125 1- 4...
  7. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    Thank you Douglas, I much appreciate the spirit & value of your contribution and comments on this. I do wish I had learned or even thought about this before the turbo was bolted on, I would definitely have considered asking to fabricator about the possibility of tapping it and adding a...
  8. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    Wow! now that you mention it, I seem to remember such a bracket on some of my turbos a long time ago.... one of the first times I removed and reinstalled these turbos, I never put it back ... It seems to have held solid all this time on both cars I had the 1722s, and a third with the vnt17...
  9. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    Thank you for the feedback and question. Correct, I do not have any additional support at the bottom. The entire assembly is rigid and hangs straight down off the exhaust manifold. I am not perceiving significantly more moment at the exhaust flanges than the 1722s or vnt 17 turbos of that...
  10. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    I added a few pics of the components in the first post. 👍
  11. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    Mine is also a 28 psi tune ... I love what you said about driving the 4 door sedan ... As VW said in a previous GTI commercial.. "A wolf in a sheep's clothing" ... Whenever merging into another lane, or needing to pass on a tight window the acceleration afforded with more fuel and air...
  12. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    Thank you for the reply, Yes I have an upgraded Eurojet SMIC & 2.25" upgraded IC piping .. .also Installed a pancake pipe from a 1.8t which fits very well with this turbo. This IC set up worked well for years with my 11 mm pump, 1722, R520 injectors & RC5 ... The intermittent problems started...
  13. tothemax

    Feedback on my new GTD1752VRK on 2003 ALH

    First post in looooong time..... I can now finally provide feedback on my new GTD1752VRK installed on the 2003 ALH Jetta. I ended up getting the GTD1752VRK Billet Wheel Hybrid Turbo vacuum converted and welded onto stock 1.9 2.0TDI from Robert from GotTuned was a pleasure...
  14. tothemax

    Request for recommendations for competent Garrett rebuild shop for a 1722

    Nevada_TDI Thank you for the detailed info on TLA. This is exactly what I was looking for. The one I am considering rebuilding is around 13 years old w/ +- 240,000 miles on it. It came from TDI parts at the time, now IDParts and has always performed very well. Lately the vane mechanism...
  15. tothemax

    Request for recommendations for competent Garrett rebuild shop for a 1722

    Please does anyone have recommendations for competent trustworthy Garrett rebuild shop for rebuilding a 1722? Mine very old and the vane mechanism does not work well anymore... no major failures on it but needs a rebuild for sure... I wish Garrett still made the 1722
  16. tothemax

    RTDI Part 2

    An amazing build, car and thread Thank you for sharing your adventure and learnings with us... Reminds me of my own TDI misfortunes and previous adventures My poor golf got: initial TB failure and dropped valve too.... new ALH head.... new pistons ... and lower end rebuilt then swap...
  17. tothemax

    GotTuned turbo and injector review?

    Any more performance updates on the GTD1756VRK ?
  18. tothemax

    Any suggestion on a plug play turbo 1.9 alh

    hey Robert, Does the TIP fit the same into this without any special reducing adapter connector ? What diameter silicon elbow did you use to tie on the turbo pressure outlet to the Pancake pipe? I am considering the GTD1752VKR for my Jetta to replace the 1722 which is giving up the ghost...
  19. tothemax

    Online CNC Machining Recommendation?

    Anxious to see how these will fit and attach inside the reflectors. You may have a great invention there to mitigate all the drama associated with the four bolt method/ leveling / epoxying
  20. tothemax

    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    This is such a cool project.. have dreamed of a TDI pick up for a long time .. congrats !