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    Fuel gauge not accurate? 3 gal mystery

    I suspect that part of the issue is that they do not want you to EVER run the tank dry because the lack of fuel (which is also a lubricant) could destroy the very expensive high pressure fuel pump. But it is also true that the fuel around the pump is the primary means of cooling the electric...
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    Fuel gauge issues - not reading full

    Did you shut the car off while filling? For a while Audi’s would do this if you did not have the ignition off while filling. Some sort of low pass filter on the gauge.
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    steering system safety issue

    My Austin Healey and my Jaguar E-type did not have power steering. I never missed it except when you hit a pothole in the Jag, it really kicked back - now that was road feel. Note that the Jag also had a large steering wheel for good leverage.
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    steering system safety issue

    I tested my A4 this morning. I put the car in park which stops the engine. With the car in park and the engine stopped I tried turning the steering wheel and the engine immediately restarted allowing me to turn the wheel.
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    What’s w/the Oil Change Message?

    ^ This. VW’s and Audi’s set the oil change interval in the US at 10,000 miles or 365 days, whatever comes first. I think the time interval has to do with either oxidation of the oil breakdown of the additives with time.
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    steering system safety issue

    Remember this is with the start stop system activated and the engine will not shut off without your foot on the brake. So by definition, the brakes are on. As soon as I lift my foot from the brake the engine starts. The engine will also shut down if you put the car in park but in that case...
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    steering system safety issue

    Even a Hydraulic system will be very tough to steer at low speeds if the engine dies. I would think that electric would be better, it actually seems odd that the steering power would go out when the engine dies, there is still electric power from the battery. I have a new Audi A4 with the...
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    GSW AdBlue Heater Failure

    It really does not matter where it is because it is a free fix under warranty for 11 years or 162k miles if you had the emissions fix done.
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    Upgrade for climate control and radio controls for Golf Wagon

    You need the MIB2 unit from 2017 models or later (maybe 2016 has it also, not sure). It is a different size an it may be more than just the head unit. I suspect this is more complex than you may expect. The old days of being able to swap the radios between cars with a trim plate and a few...
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    2015 GSW S Front heated seats

    It could also be that the heaters are not compatible with the passenger sensor. VW-Audi use a couple of different kind of sensors. One is a weight sensor and one is a capacitance sensor. It is very possible that the presence of the heater is confusing the sensor - particularly if it is an...
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    2017 nav update out yet?

    As a data point my 2018 Audi A4 just got a map update (2017-2018 update) about one month ago. I was able to download it from the myAudiConnect site, put it on an SD card and install it. Audi now includes the first three years (one every 6 months) of updates with the car purchase. Audi, MB and...
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    Free scheduled maintence

    That is bulls..t. The first service at 10k is covered. It is on all of VW’s materials. I would contact VWoA and make a major stink.
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    GSW AdBlue Heater Failure

    A CEL is a Check Engine Light which means that the car will not pass emissions inspection. Here in Connecticut it would be illegal for any car dealer to sell that car without fixing the problem which caused the CEL.
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    Anyone block their grill in winter?

    We do not do anything with my wife’s car and beleive me, I would hear about it if the car did not warm up. We have the SEL and we get heat from the climate control system within a few minutes of driving. The Mk VII improved the cabin heating by adding a separate cooling loop consisting of just...
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    Engine braking with TDI "ok" ?

    One recommendation is to forego the cross drilled rotors. High stress concentrations around the holes can result in rotor cracks. They might look cool but the holes do nothing for braking performance.
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    Lighting Pkg Swap

    In the old days when a headlight was a simple 12V filament light bulb, swapping headlights was easy. Now with headlights containing motors for leveling and steering and multiple bulbs of different types it almost impossible. I know in the Audi world if you change from one type of bulb to...
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    First Oil Change

    If this is your first service the AdBlue refill should be included for free so why not let them do it?
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    Different diameter rear tires

    You may have to live with a TPMS light which will not turn off
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    TDI's in the winter- potential new owner questions

    My wife also has a GSW and this was a concern because she is always cold. I looked into this and VW did a nice job designing a separate cooling loop for just the head + interior heat. The head warms up quickly and this separate loop then starts sending warm water to the in-car heat exchanger...