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    3L of water in one night! (Spirited driving)

    Yes torque each one fully before moving to the next
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Vcds will still run the in tank lift pump for priming. I could see most indy shops wanting to see the install instructions before they agreed to do it, it's a bit more involved than a timing belt
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    Whats to hot?

    Could you elaborate on how this happens or did someone on reddit just pull this out of their ass? If the coolant isn't boiling, and is holding pressure, how is 210 vs. 200 going to warp a hunk of aluminum that also has exhaust gas upwards of 1000F flowing through it?
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    Steering Assist Error, ESP Error, G85, Fixed

    This is great info/detail! Thanks for taking the time to share.
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    Thermostat replacement

    Dash has always stayed pegged at 190 before and after the thermostat replacement. I ordered the aftermarket one from IDparts before I realized how big of a pain replacement was. Knowing what I do now I wish I'd just gone with OEM.
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    Thermostat replacement

    Dash gauge is nearly useless to confirm if the T-stat is worn out or not. I just changed mine out @185k miles, would only get to 180 via ODB readings before, now it will get up to 200 at low load, 212 at sustained 85mph speeds through the mountains
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    Compressor Surge

    Lots of dpf/egr filter issues get discussed around here, don't recall anyone mentioning them coming with compressor surge sounds
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    2012 Sportwagon TDi

    Just a watchout, vcds/vag-com (Ross tech) is not the same as Vag-tacho and can't code a new cluster to your immobilizer
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    2012 Sportwagon TDi

    I think coding the new cluster is going to require a visit to the dealer or renting a genuine vag-tacho cable. I spent a long time trying to code new keys using a clone with no success
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    Compressor Surge

    There is no diverter valve on a CJAA TDI, and the egr valves don't clog anymore since diesel went ultra low sulfur. You might check for any boost leaks, or if it's actually real surge some obstruction in the intake track. Logging actual vs. Requested boost and n75 duty cycle with VCDS would also...
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    Thermostat and Intake Manifold Replacement - is it easier together??

    I just did the Thermostat while I had my mk6 golf engine pulled for a bunch of other upgrades. The EGR valve and the support bracket have to come off for sure, but I think pulling the alternator also was worth it. With the engine out of the car I was able to get it done without removing the oil...
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    32 MPGs @ 100 mph in a BRM.

    Yep, got a hand calculated 32mpg out of my post-fix CJAA 6MT on 245/40r18 tires, while going 85 to 93 mph (GPS indicated) up I5 through northern California and all of Oregon. Really wish I could do a full delete on this thing!
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    Engine rebuild...piston protrusion

    Just checking, but did you get the matching oil squirters for the block side of things that line up with the hole in the new pistons? Think you're totally fine as is on the piston protrusion and starting isn't going to be an issue
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    Engine rebuild...piston protrusion

    Can't recall if the asv pistons have the upgraded oil cooling galleys or if you need PD pistons for that? I'd prioritize that over coating myself. Sputter bearings were a "might as well" upgrade when doing a rebuild since the cost wasn't much more than regular ones. Isn't 200hp about the safe...
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    Delete Kit for 2012 Jetta TDI MK6

    It's a lot of work even for experienced DIYers. I'd want to go with a tried and true vendor to minimize struggles with fitment etc. Rawtek seems like one of the most popular mfgs. in the US, but last time I checked Darkside was actually cheaper even shipping from the UK - and they have offered...
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    Xenon HID upgrade errors

    Might get better help if people know the year and model. I did this swap (no afs or led drls) on my 2010 golf and it took much vcds experimenting to get the right combination of long coding in the bcm so everything worked correctly and also didn't give me bulb out errors. Never used odb11, but...
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    Turbo Rebuild

    Unless you can find a professionally rebuilt and balanced CHRA to install in your existing turbo carcass there is not much you're going to be able to rebuild unless you're a custom turbo shop. Price difference between a CHRA and a full stock turbo isn't worth the hassle. Just get a full new turbo.
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    Need Tech Advice for poor MPG with a 2013 Passat TDI SEL?

    Just be aware that as far as I can tell, there are not currently any ways to flash this ecu via the ODB port and avoid incrementing the flash count stored in the eeprom. VW corporate keeps track of what this number should be and will flag your vin and deny warranty work if they see its been...
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    SF Bay Area: ALH/MK4 Parts Purge

    Been spending a lot more time cooped up around the house and did some cleaning in the garage. I don't have any TDIs anymore but still had a lot of accumulated gaskets, ALH build parts, and a VERY low mile 3rd gen vnt-17 sized turbo. I don't have the motivation to catalog everything - but would...