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    Longest commute.

    Typically 200km/2 hours Monday morning to get to work office (we tend to measure distance in hours here) then another 5 hours to wherever I'm working for the week, then about 6 hours home Thursday night. "Heavy traffic" in this area usually means an occasional semi hauling logs or gravel...
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    V10: low power and engine vibration

    Thanks again. I have seen two of your posts on these turbos and it's very helpful information. On my initial look, I could not see them - I assume from underneath? I'll have more time over the weekend. Do you have any pictures of what the linkages look like? It's almost due for service though...
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    V10: low power and engine vibration

    The intermittent nature does make electrical seem likely. It's up on a lift now (though only a 10ft high garage so cannot lift very high) and will look harder in the next few days. I do notice the undertray has disappeared.. so perhaps more water in the area than normal. Looks quite clean. The...
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    V10: low power and engine vibration

    Wednesday 1 July 2020 15:31:38:21237-VCID:29591D4F83ABD7CE7C-5140 VCDS Version: Release 20.4.1 (x64) Data version: 20200331 DS317.0 070 997 016 R V10 5.0L EDCG000AGMª2813...
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    V10: low power and engine vibration

    (this may be a near-duplicate post.. something went wrong with the previous attempt) I don't see the ability to use address 31, (no data from that setting), ore "engine-other". I do have a log file from block 23, will post a bit below in next post. I could email the CSV file to you - would be...
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    V10: low power and engine vibration

    This machine is a bit temperamental, sometimes has startup messages of "Running Gear Fault" or "Exhaust: workshop" which generally disappear the next time it's used. Something different now. On Friday: normal. On Sunday: low power, can just about do 50MPH on highway uphills (far from normal)...
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    EV: off grid solar charger without batteries?

    I've no comparative figures. Our panels are HES-320-72P-MC, inverters AP Systems YC500I. Running for 2.5 years without failure. Snow: needs a long handled snow rake with cloth to prevent scratches to get some or most of the snow off quickly. Once a bit of each panel is exposed, the next sunshine...
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    Refilling Adblue for 3.0 TDI. How does your cap open?

    I had difficulty removing DEF filler cap last year. The cap is kind of two-piece: if the inner part gets stuck (hardened fluid perhaps), the outer piece just clicks and turns. The nearest Audi dealer was quite helpful by phone. Hot water on the cap and plumber's grips got it off.
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    EV: off grid solar charger without batteries?

    An interesting point - do you have more numbers? My garage (insulated but not normally heated) is generally around -5C most of the winter, ie 5 months or so. Outside would be anywhere from 0 to -40C. There's been a lot of -25C this year. If an EV would be using 1.5KW or so just maintaining...
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    Don’t mess with your emissions

    My 2004 Touareg cost its first owner $99k (I have a photo of its window sticker), around $129k today corrected for inflation. If someone has money and inclination to buy new, why not?
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    Tips or tricks from MK6 front strut replacement

    It's not as simple as the thin metal screens around the rotors being bent and now rubbing on the rotors? In which case take the wheel off again and bend them back into shape.
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    Tips or tricks from MK6 front strut replacement

    Grinding sound related to car bouncing over uneven ground or to wheel speed?
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    Teach me TDI Touareg please

    Sorry, you are correct: that restriction was 2009 and 2010 only
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    Teach me TDI Touareg please

    2010 6-speed transmission (Q7 in my case) is very good though the 8-speed from 2011+ should give better fuel economy. Has towed a Chrysler Concorde on a car dolly without effort if that's any recommendation. If you plan to "tune" it, the 2010-2012 needs the ECU removed for bench flash whereas...
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    17 in wheels?

    18" do fit on a 2010, I use them for winters. 17 might just barely but brakes would be very close to scraping the rim, try-before-buy... looks to me like 1/2" clearance for the 18s. I don't know for sure if the brakes on your 2013 would be exactly the same size.
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    2015 Jetta - Mishap during oil change

    Hmm.. I have an 07 4Runner, my high mileage gravel roads work car. I think you are saying I should keep the old one going indefinitely
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    Diesel exhaust smell in the cabin?

    For a car with DPF and emissions equipment intact it's certainly not normal. Should be a faint scent of ammonia at the tailpipe, nothing else. Must be a leak of some kind in the engine bay
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Neither of the above seems to mirror my experience: 2010 Golf has orange patches behind the front wheels, in front of the doors - not a replaceable panel. Dealer has sent in measurements for warranty. On the other hand, a 2007 Toyota 4Runner has no trace of body rust, surprisingly. It's on 220k...
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    Purchase Advice Needed - 2012 Touareg vs. Audi Q7

    Based only on a sample of two, and different model year range: Fuel economy is likely to be similar for the same model year. 2013 would be considerably better than my 2010 (did once test drive a 2013 Touareg, FE did seem really quite a bit better). FE on my 2004 V10 Touareg is about the same...
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    EV: off grid solar charger without batteries?

    The panels are 320W max - 28 or 36 per frame => 9KW or 11.8KW That's max.. we don't quite have Nevada strength sunshine though. Yes, I would assume inverters needed. The existing grid-tied system uses one micro-inverter per two panels.