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    2012 Sportwagon TDi

    I’m thinking it’s the pcm with those codes
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    2010 jsw p00af

    I’m starting to think it’s the pressure sensor and not the turbo boost control. Any thoughts?
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    2010 jsw p00af

    Hello Nolan, Was wondering if you had any updates because I have the same exact issue. I have a 2013 jsw tdi that the turbo blew up. Replaced everything. Even decided to do timing belt and water pump. Reset ppm with Ross tech after dealer looked at car and couldn’t figure out what was wrong...
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    I did look at that but wasn’t sure if that was up to date. Thank You
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Anybody in the high desert of so cal. Victorville, Hesperia, Apple valley, Barstow
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello I’m new here. Just bought a 2013 JSW TDI bone stock for now ;). But I have just installed a backup camera but need to reprogram to activate. Would also like to do some other program modes I’ve been researching. I swear I can’t leave anything alone :). Was wondering if there is anybody in...