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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    I love that I was able to enable rain sensing.
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Two weekends ago my 2012 Passat TDI went lame. 76860 miles. I limped it home, then trailered it to the VW dealer. Dealer called today -- they're going to replace the turbo, the particulate filter, "and a few other things." They've got five in line ahead of me, the first of them having been...
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    2012 TDI reverse lights

    Aha! There are just two... mounted in the trunk lid. So, what are the white/clear lenses outside those for? Rear fogs, perhaps? Some other feature that NMS didn't get?
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    2012 TDI reverse lights

    Thank you for the link -- that's the sort of information I need. Are there four bulbs back there, or just two?
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    2012 TDI reverse lights

    Good evening. Backing up the other night, I realized how dim the reverse lights on my 2012 TDI are. So I've started looking at replacements. Advance offers a Sylvania 921 White ZEVO LED bulb, two for $26. I'm curious if anyone has used these, if they're actually an improvement, and if they...
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    Radio constantly rebooting

    At risk of drifting the thread, can I ask what's the current firmware version for an RNS315 in a 2012 TDI SE? If I check the setup screens, I see note of "Software version 0265." I'm a relative n00b here... am I even looking at the right thing? Thank you.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Good evening, all. It looks like -- at this moment -- I'm the newest TDI newbie on the forum. Thank you for hosting. I picked up a 2012 Passat TDI SE in March. Not exactly new, but new to me -- and only half as old as my truck! I'm a complete n00b to VW, to diesel engines, and to owning a...