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    3000 RPM at 65 MPH problem?

    A little late to the party ^:)
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    '13 Jetta sportswagen - new to scene

    If your tail pipe is sooty then your DPF is cracked or it is in need of replacement or has been eliminated. Has this car has the dealership fix for the emission violation?
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    3000 RPM at 65 MPH problem?

    I don't know if this is against the forum rules but here is a link to a TDIclub registered vendor that ships what you need in one lump. You even have the choice of upgrading to a 6 sp manual while you are at it...
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    3000 RPM at 65 MPH problem?

    Are any of the letters you can find on the case "FDB? That would indicate a diesel trans.
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    Whining After 5th Gear Swap

    Just pop the 5th gear cover off and have a look at the edge of the washer. It is bound to show a bit of shine if it in deed has been in contact. What I did was to stick it on the lather and just skim the perimeter off a bit. Might be able to do the same by fashioning an arbor to stick it in a...
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    Whining After 5th Gear Swap

    Just a shot here but, I had run into an issue a long time ago doing a similar 5th gear conversion where the Belleville spring washer that was fitted to the face of the small gear was now running into the edge of the larger gear of the new 5th gear set. If this is the case then it may leave marks...
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    3000 RPM at 65 MPH problem?

    Does it appear to shift normally right up to cruising speed of 65-70 mph? When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? I have come across this on the auto trans cars. If the fuel filter is maxed out and the controllers do not feel as though the engine can come up with the torque, (based...
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    11 Plate TDI fifth gear new issue

    just a guess...2011 on the license/registration plate?
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    Curious as to what wheels and tires you have on the car. I noticed a drop of about a couple of MPG when I had the 17" Long Beach wheels on my manual trans BEW Beetle. Still could not get much more than 42 MPG. I've not pursued it much and have not been driving the car lately. Otherwise it...
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    Worn Camshaft?

    Did you get a smart actuator for the turbo?
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    Plastic in oil pick up tube

    Sometimes people will fix the engine well enough to send it on its way without minding the details. Black plastic, no doubt. Windage tray fragments? Does the oil pan look recent?
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    B4V with timing issues

    Moving the pulley to another tooth may not be a bad idea even if you adjust the pump to same injection timing that it is now. I imagine that the injector pipes are under stress if the pump is adjusted right up against the end of the slots in the bracket.
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    Turbo Vein Question

    Good luck with that.
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    How do I identify the turbo on my 2002 ALH. Want to rebuild it.

    How many miles does the turbo have on it? Not to discourage you but... Being that you are in a rust prone environment the vane mechanism may be past the simple clean out stage. You will have to find that out once you get it apart. (got a torch?) It is not unusual that the bolts holding the...
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    DSG Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement Info

    Don't forget to change the pilot bearing when doing the flywheel replacement. Are you noticing engine vibration or a rattling noise at idle or upon engine shutdown?
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    DSG Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement Info

    He has the DSG automatic transmission which does not have an external clutch. I have had no complaints with the LUK flywheels.
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    Timing Belt Interval

    And when the ALH’s interval was upped to 100k the belts became more robust and the ALH large idler bearing did, too. Don’t know if that was all but that was the obvious stuff. AHU/1Z remained at 60K with the wimpish belts...or not? What were the preTDI car belt intervals at?
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    Timing Belt Interval

    I don't know what to blame it on but I have seen more than a couple BEWs lose about an 8 inch strip of teeth. It was well below the 100K change interval. I thought that was why that VW changed the interval to 80K (or is this a nasty rumor).
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    Torsion value you have a CJAA engine mounted in there? If so cam timing is determined by position locking tools for both the crank pulley and the cam hub. I see that G40 is a hall sender and the illustration in the SSP looks like the cam position sensor in a PD car. Perhaps its only job is to...
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    Crankshaft position sensor?

    Got it I deleted my post (I think)