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  1. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    Show up, its just a 3 hour drive each way!
  2. NewTdi

    2023 TDIfest/GTG discussion thread

    I organized 22 GTG in NorCal over 11 years which was great while it lasted, unfortunately we had to take down the related threads. We would get about 30 cars even more per GTG to show up and people drove in from San Diego, Portland and I believe once even from Seattle and Phoenix. Great food...
  3. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    I remember when 20 plus people would show up at dyno day! What has happened? I will recruit 2 more people or at least their cars.
  4. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    You should have those delivered by Wednesday!
  5. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    30psi is a lot of fun
  6. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    Good morning Dieselonato and welcome to the forums. From all my readings it is my understanding that up to 200WHP our engines are safe the way they are built. Anything over that could use some upgrades. I have been in the 160-170 range for a while and thinking about making the jump into the...
  7. NewTdi

    ALH/BHW Hybrid: Success!

    Wow, very very nice! Here temptation is setting in again with the allure of a new turbo.
  8. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    I am definetly in, sorry for the late reply!
  9. NewTdi

    MKIV rear seats - Black Leatherette

    I have a brand new back seats complete with headsets for a MK IV that I never used since I never did a grey to black conversion. Asking $200.00; located in the SF Bay Area. Pictures to follow as soon as the storm is over. Andrew
  10. NewTdi

    Domain for Sale - DieselAutoWerks

    I have a domain for sale ($50) which I was originally going to give to one of our trusted mechanics on the West Coast but he decided to leave for sunny OR. If anyone is interested in please let contact me. Andrew
  11. NewTdi

    Dyno Reports

    I am wondering if we could start a thread with dyno reports along with build lists. I see that we have a post for 1/4 mile times however not everyone has access to a track nearby. Just a thought.
  12. NewTdi

    What should I expect after delete and mods?

    I am going to jump in on the oil aspect of mileage. I recently changed (last week) from Rotella to Liquimoly 5-40 because of excessive oil consumption. I can tell you that mileage is up a smidge (2-3mpg) however most importantly I keep the tires inflated at 38psi. In the last 10K mile...
  13. NewTdi

    Burning oil

    I used it recently and my oil consumption went from 1.25 quarts per 10,000 to 05 quarts per 10,000 miles. Needless to say I am happy with the results.
  14. NewTdi

    Unicorn 2004 Passat B5.5 2.5L v6 TDI 6speed - Miami FL

    I wonder if it can be registered in CA. I think d24tdi should buy t since he has been wanting one forever.
  15. NewTdi

    Fuel cut-off

    The engine quits for a fraction of a second as I remove my foot from the accelerator
  16. NewTdi

    Fuel cut-off

    No codes! I will be running logs again and try to replicate the event!
  17. NewTdi

    Fuel cut-off

    Hi All, I have been experiencing fuel-off when I am just around 4600rpm (not often go there) and I wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and what the solution was. ALW
  18. NewTdi

    A Frenchman in TDI

    Bienvenu, j'adore Bordeaux et votres vins. Je suis 616,000km. We are very jealous of the Tdi vehicles that you can get in Europe and we can only dream of getting over here.
  19. NewTdi

    Why blame Diesel HPR? From members?

    Because dyno pulls are more fun 😊