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  1. pedroYUL

    "Wastegate Actuator"?

    You could only break the lever by trying to exercise the VNT mechanism, as the actuator rod would need to be disconnected to do that. If a VNT mechanism is stuck, and you are trying to move it by applying vacuum to the actuator, the whole thing would just not move, but nothing would break. You...
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    "Wastegate Actuator"?

    It is not likely, but metal fatigue does exist, or a manufacturing defect.
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    "Wastegate Actuator"?

    Could you have a broken VNT lever? That would be pretty unusual, but in that case the mechanic is right, you would need a whole new turbo. I think is worth having a look at the turbo and actuator yourself.
  4. pedroYUL

    "Wastegate Actuator"?
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the club! Check the wiring to those sensors for integrity
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    Engine Hiccup
  7. pedroYUL

    2015 MK7 Golf clutch bleed issues

    I second that. Saw a video of a guy in YT go for a SMF with a common rail car 6-spd and indeed ended up destroying the transmission. That was old school thinking on DMFs, perhaps a bad batch of those early on. Same for cams in PDs, perhaps a bad batch but the myth remains.
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    p1004 2012 passat
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    100K miles... questions

    Timing belt is not that expensive, unless you don't do it yourself. Yes, the interval is 130k, but all those components have at least 8 years of service already. Now the clutch is a completely different story, why would you worry about it before hand? Just keep paying attention to DMF failure...
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    Engine intake on 2015 VW Passat TDI

    We seem to swing from spring back to winter, quite annoying. Yes, you are been given lip service by those guys
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    Engine intake on 2015 VW Passat TDI

    Indeed held in place with 2 screws:
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  14. pedroYUL

    Verdict on 0W30 oils?

    Unlike PD engines, these have roller followers which takes a lot of friction out of the equation. I am currently running the 0w30 the dealer had for a good price until recently, but I also have used Pento SP3 5w30. My PD only drinks Pento HP2 and it's quite happy with it.
  15. pedroYUL

    p1004 2012 passat

    This seems to be common for CKRA engines, some people have luck by just re-setting injectors values with VCDS, but if not then new injectors are needed. Make a search in the Passat section for injector programming or something like that.
  16. pedroYUL

    Jetta TDI will not start at first try

    Prime the in tank fuel pump good, by going to the Basic Settings in VCDS and with the engine running select the test of the transfer pump
  17. pedroYUL

    06 BRM long cranking to start at 1/2 tank of Less

    Disconnect the fuel supply at the filter, place that hose in a can or jar. Then flick the ignition a couple of times without cranking. If you collect no fuel in the can then you need a new lift pump. If you collect very little volume, then your pump is dying.
  18. pedroYUL

    Trying to buy another newer TDI

    It seems to be a Chinese VW unit. In any case both Passat here and whatever the name over in China are both a variant of PQ35 platform, and the Gateway is basic, like the ones in pre-mk7 cars