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    1996 wagon for sale. White 164k miles SF Bay Area.

    PM'd. Hope this is still available!
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    WTB: 1Z or AHU running engine or long block

    The original 1Z will most likely never be going back into the Passat, so an ALH might come into play. I intend to use the rebuilt 1Z for a diesel swap into another vehicle in the future. 1996 is a magic number here in California. I'm not planning doing the rebuild immediately, my priority lies...
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    WTB: 1Z or AHU running engine or long block

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a 1Z or AHU engine to keep a B4V on the road while I have the original engine rebuilt. I’m located near San Francisco. Would love to find something in California, Nevada or Oregon. Please let me know if you have something you’re willing to let go! thanks
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    Looking for a shell or whole car.

    I have a black B4 wagon that I think I'm willing to part with. I have it in storage in Petaluma, CA so it's probably a 10 hour round trip drive from Reno. I might even be able to deliver it or meet you somewhere in-between. I'll send you a private message with my phone number if you'd like to...
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    FS: 1993 Passat GLX wagon 94946

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ happy new year everyone!
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    SOLD: For Sale 2000 VW TDI Golf 305k mi in San Fran

    I’m interested and would like to come take a look tomorrow if your son is available. I’ll send you a message with my phone number, feel free to call or text any time. I’m located about an hour north of San Francisco. thanks!
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    FS: 1993 Passat GLX wagon 94946

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    Seeking functioning injection pump - 2001 Golf automatic - RECEIVED

    I don't know anything about this seller, but it might be worth a shot: Injection Pumps for sale Sacramento
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    SOLD..........1.9 TDI 5 speed engine for sale

    what condition is the rest of the car in? Do you have the title?
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    Forum rules concerning B3V GLX

    Thank you. Believe it or not it's always been one of my dream cars. I really love it and hope to have another one some day. I posted it in the classifieds. Here's the link: FS: 1993 Passat GLX wagon Odometer shows 130,000 but CarFax indicates a cluster change in 2010. Actual mileage is likely...
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    FS: 1993 Passat GLX wagon 94946

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