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    2012 Passat tdi codes

    How old is the battery? Sounds like a bad battery.
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    2003 VW NB - SOLD - TDI-5sp, 77k Original Miles, 2nd Owner, Mechanically Perfect, Clean CarFax, Price Reduced!

    Just wanted to verify: this is an ALH, has had the timing belt and water pump replaced? What was the reason for the turbo replacement?
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    TDI DIY coolant filter

    Very nice. I'm using a very similar setup on my 06 Ford diesel truck except I'm catching sand from the block left behind during casting. I'd much rather catch sand than the slime.
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    DPF Availability

    Sounds like I shouldn't be making any major investments in my NMS since it's becoming a dead end model as far as getting future parts and repairs done.
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    [Personal Lesson] My experience with changing the oil cooler (CKRA)

    Very helpful. At least if it happens to me, I'll know the first place to start looking.
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    after 3 months, 3000 miles now with the Kerma tune in my '13

    My experience too. Winter of 2020 my dealer reset the adblue system twice and replaced the rear nox sensor and the nox catalyst. It lasted a few months with no faults until the weather got cold again. Always seems to come up when I'm 100 miles away from home. I think that VW's philosophy is...
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    after 3 months, 3000 miles now with the Kerma tune in my '13

    Thanks for the update. I still have over a year and over 50k left in my warranty but not letting that make my decision. Cold weather season is coming up and my "200 miles to no start" only happens then. As soon as I get the first warning, I will be ordering a tune from Kerma.
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    DPF Availability

    That's more than I paid for my used 2013 Passat two years ago. I'm sure the costs are inflated and become a write off for VW. Gotta get those dollars back somehow.
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    2015 Passat TDI EA288 coolant leak

    Looks like the laws of physics were in play figuring that problem out.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Thanks for the update. That's very helpful. Did it get rid of the hesitation when you accelerate from a stop?
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    DPF Availability

    No need to force it in court. It's already been to court and VW agreed to the terms of the settlement. If they won't follow the agreement they put a pen to then they are going against the court and the agreement between our government.
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    DPF Availability

    I agree 100%. When my car was in for 3 weeks for the no start problem the dealer came to me with a loaner before I could even mention it. I guess it depends on the dealer. It's funny that a dealership will sell a vehicle to a person under 25 and even line up financing but they won't provide a...
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    2012 Passat TDI SE NMS Thread

    Get an oil extractor. Makes things a lot easier doing everything from the top.
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    Cost, rotors hubs??

    I got in a time pinch and ended up going to Midas to have my brakes done. Rotors and pads all the way around and had one caliper replaced. Cost me $1200. They had the job done in less than 3 hours.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Ok, let me know how it goes. I've read that the tune changes the shift points and can make them a little jerky. The DSG tune just matches what the engine is doing to shift at the optimum points. I'd much rather just do the engine tune also.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    My experience is that the code clears itself randomly. I've read from others that sometimes it doesn't. Mine only starts the countdown when I'm driving on extended trips above 70 mph at temps below 40 degrees. Keep us posted. I'd like to know if it clears up your problem. Do you plan on...
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    2015 Passat: Torque Pro vs VAG DPF

    What kind of interface are you using? Bluetooth, wired?
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    DPF Availability

    Is the rental a VW? Maybe they want you to fall in love with it and make it your own??
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Please let us know if the tune solves the problem. I'm on the fence for that right now. My extended warranty is still good so I'm waiting for that to run out. My driving in the warmer temps does not cause the "no start" warning. I do top off my adblue tank after every 300 mile trip but I've had...
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    1.9 TDI AHU 66KW 90HP passat only ~ 130Km/h (80mph) max

    Could it possibly be a clogged intake manifold?