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    WTB: 1Z or AHU engine or donor, PNW/Norcal

    I have a running 96 Passat wagon that's rusted to kingdom come, but it leaks oil out of the valve gasket and oil pan gasket. Its turbo is also not working right, I think either the vacuum line broke or the wastegate rod is stuck open so it doesn't build pressure. It's a wagon, so it's kinda...
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    WTB RUST FREE 1996-97 Passat TDI Wagon (B4V)

    I've got a repainted blue one located in Southern California. It's not quite Windsor Blue but it's close I think. Zero rust. It's got 200,000 miles. It's my daily right now, stock exhaust, but rebuilt injection pump, rebuilt injectors with 520s, Stage 3 Malone. newish clutch plate, fresh paint...
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    FS: (PNW) 1991 Corrado ALH/02J swap with Malone/Kerma go-fast goodies, E-codes, etc.

    This thing is sick. I'm a B4 TDI wagon owner, and I've always wanted a Corrado, but I have zero time or money on my hands. Awesome car, and good luck with a sale!
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    Window regulator clip

    Does anyone happen to have a spare window regulator clip for a B4 front passenger window? There's a clip that slides along the interior rail toward the back of the door, and it clips into the bottom of the window regulator bar, where the glass is bolted in. I bought a new regulator from IDParts...
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    FS: Misc. TB timing belt tools, filters, Mk3 Paper Bentley manual, location: CT

    I'll take the VCDS if it works with my 1996 VW Passat with a GQ ECU. I am assuming it will since you said you used it on your mk3
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    For Sale: 96' Passat TDI Wagon , So. Oregon, $1400

    I'm not sold on the car, but I would love the roof rack cross bars!
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    B4 Black Leather full set of Seats

    Hey, are these still for sale? I'm interested
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    Wanted 96-03 tdi manual cheap

    Vwxyzero, I am actually interested in your totaled 96 passat wagon as well. PM sent
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    F/S, B4V "PaTuDI"

    send me a PM at my email. I've got an old B4V that is pretty junked, I might be willing to buy for ~500 dollars
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    1984 Toyota Truck, Willow Creek, CA, $6000

    I'm interested in the truck, are you willing to drop the price much?
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    F/S, B4V "PaTuDI"

    I am interested in the right front fender, as well as fog lights/turn signals and the center console. Are any of those that I mentioned in good shape?
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    Wtb: Mk3 jetta

    Hey, I found this car on the west coast in Oregon It looks like it needs work tho.
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    FS: Modified 2002 Jetta TDI, Townsend, MA or Glenside, PA Thanks.

    This is everything I would want in a jetta. But I'm tied up in two B4Vs and a 2004 automatic Golf. GLWS
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    ALH into 95 Ranger 4x4

    awesome :D how is the building coming along as of this week? ive nothing to do due to the lockdown, and am eagerly awaiting any updates how is your interior coming along? pictures?
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    FS: 2003 Stage 5+ 6 speed Jetta TDI Wagon

    Someone will really REALLY want this thing. Its modded to the extreme and looks dope. Plus it is the sought after 2003 ALH wagon. I would say raise the price to $6500 at least, someone would still pick it up. It's a sweet a** rig. GLWS
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    FS: 1996 Passat B4V

    Thanks for the sale, Tobusch. I promise to take care of her.
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    F/S in Los Angeles, CA: MkIV 2003 Silver GLS Jetta Wagon 1.9L (ALH) TDI 130,855 Miles

    Given the fact that a 2003 jetta wagon loaded with all the goodies such as leather, moonroof, etc is the most sought after TDI car, I think $3,500 might be a bit low even with a blown turbo. I would fix the turbo and then try to sell it for $6,500 or thereabouts. I think it would be a...
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    96B4V and 97B4 SoCal area(Temecula)

    TDIBill got back to me, the B4V is already sold, but the B4 is still available