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    Lambda Probe issues on Seat Ibiza 6J BLS engine

    Hello everyone, I have a Seat Ibiza 6j with a 1.9 tdi BLS engine, 105 bhp, 265000 km. I kept getting the same errors related to my lambda probe, bank1 sensor 1, alond with some symptoms, so I decided to change the probe. I bought one from BOSCH, identical to the one it had installed (I bought...
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    1.9 TDI BLS cranks but doesn't start

    It was new when I posted this. In the meantime, I discovered that it only happens when the outside temp is less than around 15 degrees celsius. Ever since the summer hit, it only refused to start once, whilw I was at the seaside and the nights got really cold.
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    1.9 TDI BLS cranks but doesn't start

    Hello! I have a 2009 Seat Ibiza fitted with a 1.9 TDI, code BLS. Sometimes, when I turn on the ignition, it starts for a brief second then completely dies. If I try to turn it on again it cranks but won't start. I have to give it a few tries with cranking it for about 30 seconds with the...