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    Car won't start troubleshooting

    Non-start on steriods 2013 VW Jetta tdi sw ser # 3VWML7AJ .... End of winter jsw did not crank - batt's 2.5 yrs old - heck I dont want to get caught in blizzard - so new ( NAPA ) batt Dig out old VagCom ( hex + can ) and download sw update - now current . Cranks a bit then smell electrical...
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Hrmmph . I think he's off base. By alot . The engines themselves - mechanically and electronically , are above excellent rather Management saw fit to twist the rules - not nearly the engine's fault nor flaws . .
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    wallmart Yep - on my second order the price went up to 30.32 - however I still bought a bunch . I 'm one of those that buys it on sale before I really need it rather than wait and pay top $$$ . Napa ( not in favor as much as it was in the 60's and 70's ( ??? ) had/has Mann oil filters for ~$6...
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    castrol Iffen everyone kinda agrees that Castrol Edge 5w-30 LL ( in 5qt jugs ) for ~ $ 29 meets the 507 spec I may want to go back online and order some more really soon as it seems a good price these days . . . Thanks D Bill
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    confused Price was so good I thought I 'd try one - I can use it in another truck/van if need be I suppose. I ve always kinda trusted Castrol - but I really am not keen on being the first . . . Here's what it has on the front and back labels ...
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    wallmart Wallmart - today on their website they're quoting Castrol Edge 5w-30 LL 5 qts $28.80 Is this " fake news " - seems much less than what others are quoting - even tho quoted as 507.00 - maybe not ??? Thanks for any replies ( up till now I had been using mobil 1 European (...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Hmmm I suppose I was thinking about those old time relatives that couldn t afford the store bought hooch but did manage to mix up a batch in the woods - mostly free - 'ceptin for the labor. They used to say the only reason the Revenoors wanted to stop it was cause they couldn t figure a way...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    old conversation Some years back - about a decade or so I ended up in a conversation here on TDIClub with a scientist from DOE - him being the smart guy and me pushing common sense to the max. We agreed that he was right for city folks - electric worked for metropolitan areas but We agreed...
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    Volkswagen exec reaffirms commitment to diesel: ‘Now it is absolutely clean’

    Last spring I bought my second tdi - a 2002 golf w/auto - for a song. Although it got great mpg it had high mileage and the fuzzy logic for the trans was pretty fuzzy ( I reset the trans alot ) . I wanted it because I knew I needed something for 500+ mile one day trips a couple times a week for...
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    No cetane boost WILL it damage the engine?

    additive fwiw I started using " Red Line " in my 01 Jetta years ago . Like all good ( snake ? ) oil additives it claimed cetane boost, antigelling, lubricity, and . . . I wanted the cold weather starting and lubricity . I followed the guide and put in about an ounce per tank ( virtual...
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    Timing belt Lifespan (miles)?

    Timing belt fwiw - with my now retired 01 jetta my buddy insisted I do the vw belt at 60/80K but switched to Continentals kit which is supposed to be 100k. On my now new to me 02 golf the seller told me the dealer did it at 92K and it has 167K - so - C's kit is going in this week . fwiw 2...
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    overtaking Some years back I was driving in WA and OR . One ( or both ) had lots of signs - primarily for logging trucks , rv's and such methinks - that said if there were five vehicles behind you that you had to let them pass even if you were on a two lane road and needed to pull off onto the...
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    25 years of TDI: The Bestseller for Efficiency

    since we're on the subject of mpg I saw an ad recently for a 99 Eurovan . What caught my eye was the 35 mpg claimed - yep - it was a 1.9 tdi with 5sp stick ( probably homemade ??? ) . Surely wishst vwoa woulda made one for me here in north america . . .
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    EPA fines diesel tuning equipment supplier

    PM emissions I met an engineer that had a few thoughts about particulate emissions. He acknowledged that diesels had visible ( and you could touch feel ) particulates in the exhaust . His point was that they were large enough to precipitate out of the air ( you'd see them - thin film of dust...
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    TDI Hybrid info article

    My point exactly - F-150's and Silverado's in Germany - you'd have to have hit the bloody lottery to afford the fuel for our gas guzzlers . I'll tell my Toyota dealer that it's OK to sell me that 3L diesel and I'll place the order . Done deal. Oops - EPA says Toyota can't bring the vehicle...
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    TDI Hybrid info article

    My apologies - I don't mean to be disrespectful but I do have some issues with these points . . . #1 > Quote off a Google search of import taxes imposed by the US govt - US Import tax (also known as an import duty or import tariff) is collected by US Customs on every import that comes into the...
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    71mpg anyone?

    what emission standards ? I think I'm seeing this all wrong. I see EPA certifying a 15 ( or 25 ) mpg suv ( or car ) to pass EPA's emission standard . ( by way of saying that so many parts of pollution per million come out of the exhaust ) Consider - a 20 hyway mpg suv - versus - my 60 ( well...
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    71mpg anyone?

    x 2 Yep - and I want to see the full time application of the likes of an algae-based biodiesel to make the picture complete = no fossil fuels to either our cars ** or ** fuel hungry power plants ( to charge all those ev's ) . Someday . . .
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    2010 Polo Bluemotion World Green Car of the Year

    particles Seems others have mentioned this . . . as mainstream media ( in the name of political correctness ) discriminates against diesel they ignore reporting on micro-particulates from gas engines - reputed to be far more insidious to our health because they are much more readily able to...
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    Jetta holds its own in diesel showdown

    Although I don't recall the source, I do remember hearing ( or reading ) that gas motors also, in addition to the generally unreported VOC's , produce micro-particulates. From what I remember they were reputed to be worse than the particulates from diesel as their smaller size allowed them to be...