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    BRM Electrical Issue

    My 06 5MT seems to have an odd electrical issue related to heat. When it acts up the cooling fans are on, A/C button doesn't light up when pushed, turn signals don't work, trunk release doesn't work. Instrument cluster, power windows and radio worked fine. This only happens when it sits in the...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Saw Diesel for $2.72 in Chepachet Rhode Island the other day. Been a long time since I have seen Diesel that cheap around here.
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Saw this article yesterday, does this mean TDI's will be available in the U.S. again? The article doesn't state that from what I can see.
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    What Cam & timing belt kit to buy?

    Got 40k on a ID Parts cam so far and no issues.
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    2006 BRM Wouldn't start.. bad tandem pump

    You should be able to hear the lift pump in the tank cycle for a few seconds after you turn on the key. I just ordered a new tandem pump myself, I have been having excessive crank times off and on, sometimes I can go weeks or a month and then it will take a lot of cranking the engine over to...
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    VERY Poorly running 2006 TDI, any ideas?

    I would sell it to someone who wants to fix it, especially if its a 5-speed
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    How often to change engine oil

    Every 7.5k here, using Pentosin kit from ID Parts.
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    Will I regret 19” Wheels??

    x2 I had 17's and 18's on my 06 and lost 3 mpg, this was with 75% highway and 25% city driving
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Saw $2.75 a gallon in Rehoboth, MA Still around $2.99 here in Eastern Connecticut
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Found an old fuel slip. 9/30/2012 Diesel $4.40 a gallon in Southeastern Connecticut.
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    02 Golf 5sp 4-door

    Sold, heading to Missouri on a trailer today.
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    02 Golf 5sp 4-door

    No rust or rot, originally from Washington state, I don't know how long it's been here in the northeast.
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    02 Golf 5sp 4-door

    TDI Diesel 5 speed manual. Has a Malone Stage 1 tune, high idle mod and no EGR. No check engine lights. Just needs rear brake pads. Has VR6 clutch. Lots of new parts, new timing belt, head gasket, water pump. new down pipe, oil change and Antifreeze. All quality parts from ID Parts. Good...
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    Engine louder after tune and injectors

    I don't get any codes. Update: Swapped injection pumps and noise is the same. Just as loud as before, I don't think it's the injection pump. It could be a combination of the new down pipe and the fact there is no EGR components on the back of the engines to drown out noise. Those are are the...
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    WTB MK4 Golf Right side headlight parts

    I need the inside cover and metal clip that goes on the head light housing for the right side (passenger) price shipped to 06370
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    Engine louder after tune and injectors

    I have another IP I could put on. My main concern is the IP locking up and taking out all the spiffy new parts I got from you guys.
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    Engine louder after tune and injectors

    It has a new down pipe, no exhaust leaks that I can find. Here is vid with .205 injectors
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    Engine louder after tune and injectors

    I would get a good set, too much invested at this point.
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    No 1st 2nd and reverse

    I had a bit of trouble shifting gears when I did my engine swap. It took quite a few tries to get my Golf shifting right. DG's shifter adjustment video helped a lot,
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    Engine louder after tune and injectors

    I have been able to drive it more since the last post. Stock injectors didn't seem to make much difference noise wise. I wonder if it has something to do with no EGR components on the back of the engine. Also the .205s I took out smoked like a freight train compared to the stock ones I put in.