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    Timing belt question

    I concur. Waterpump will fail before timing belt change interval. Buy a kit from Frank06 and get an improved pump! I did mine around 95K miles.
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    2013 Passat stumble I've researched for weeks...

    Can you give me a procedure to perform this using VCDS? I have never done this and Would APPRECIATE giving it a try. I have been given a run around on this issue and it bothers me as I had had it since the fix. My CKRA has 120K Miles now and warranty expires in 3K.
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    Engine noise when cold.

    OK, confirmed, it had the Fix flashed into it! I don't know if it is a bug in the programming. But Individual injectors seem to be a likely cause. Mine happened after the FIX.
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    Engine noise when cold.

    bimmerjoe and bboshort, Did you have any Re-Programming due to the cheat modification? I did and we recognized the same thing two yeas ago, directly after flashing the cheat fix. Mine has still to be resolved. Only happens when it has sat cold for a while, not anything above 5 C (40F). I got...
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    Normal oil consumption?

    Fuel Economy, Shmony That is what seems to be killing this car. Lack of Lube. I agree with going to the higher viscosity oil and upon starting the engine, rev it to 2500 for a short 5 second duration. Keep it running at 2000RPM, even when driving in light traffic. I sympathize with this...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    My latest report after 19,500 K miles is showing 10ppm/1k Miles of AL and FE. Also 1ppm/1K miles for Cr and CU. This is a CRKA and It is due for its first timing belt change? Also has a minor coolant leak.
  7. UOA 19,500 Miles, 106K total

    UOA 19,500 Miles, 106K total

    picture, not .pdf
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    UOA with 19.500 on Oil and 106K total miles Concerned:
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    Intermittent no power, starting issue

    J329 is the 360 Relay, maybe Read other posts about the 360 relay. I had to fix mine recently. I had not heard about faults for a long time, but you 0010 malfunction codes were on my car when I had trouble with this relay. It is buried under the dash.
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    2006 Jetta BRM - P0122 Throttle Issues

    It also could be battery problems. I've had a HOST of malfunction code 0010 before. They are all about electrical gremlins. Then there is a pesky relay that came up on my car recently. I forgot the number, but I'll get back with you.
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    Car stalled, no start, P1850

    I'm glad you fixed your's with a relay. Hard to understand, but these electronic gremlins are never very forthcoming of their issues. Mine had a 460 relay issue as well. Keep one in your tool box!
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    Trans help in mid Michigan

    I have a 2002 Mk4 Jetta 5-Speed Transmission taken from a donor car at 150K miles. It has no leaks and was working well before transplant. It is available in the Indianapolis Area. I can have it delivered for $550.
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    Baltimore - Mt Airy, MD Area VAG-Com owners?

    TDIer's, I have a special need, someone who can use their VagCom cable to download codes from a 2006.5 Jetta Special edition Tdi with a DSG Transmission (with reverse not working on the auto transmission). Can someone reply or contact me on this forum? I'm in Indy, but my son is with my car in...
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    2006 BRM No Start

    Did you order a Kit to replace it. I would!
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    RNS 315 rear camera view installation Passat B7

    Where is the camera plug found? You stated under the cover of the back door? I do not understand where. I made the installation of my camera and am looking to do the wiring soon. What steps do you do with the VCDS to activate the RNS315 for the camera?
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    Glow plug broke in what?

    You can rent the tools and get any BEW Parts from Frank06 on this forum. I've found he is the expert on heads / Cams / Injectors. A broken glow plug was cause for me to redo the head on my ALH.
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    2006 Jetta TDI - Quits for no reason

  18. RELAY 460 (j349?)

    RELAY 460 (j349?)

    Power supply relay for when the key turns on