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    ALH air in fuel lines after sitting overnight

    How are you priming your fuel filter before starting the car? When I change my filter, I use a vacuum pump (mityvac) on the outlet side of the filter to pull fuel through the filter and pre-fill it. Once I get a bubble free stream of fuel coming out of the filter, I quickly disconnect the...
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    ALH air in fuel lines after sitting overnight

    You stated that you upgraded to a CAT filter. Did you install an o-ring on the threaded portion of the filter base before spinning the filter in place? This was an early error when the CAT filters were first being installed - they leak air around the threads and cause hard starting. I had this...
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    Mk4 Gas Conversion - Have TDI Donor Car

    Would you mind either posting the diagram and info to this thread, or send it to me? I have a very tired 02 TDI that has ~550k miles on it that dropped a valve seat and broke a valve about a month ago. I had already bought a really nice junkyard engine to replace it when a...
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    Copper sealing washer in top of injector #3?

    Thank you so much! I was calling the shim, (#7) a copper sealing washer. It appears to have a copper color, and I had it in totally the wrong place. Good to go now! :D Thanks! Kevin
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    Copper sealing washer in top of injector #3?

    Does anyone have a good exploded diagram or a picture of the guts on the #3 injector showing the order of installation? I've searched around, but can't seem to find a good exploded diagram. I was replacing the tips and had the guts fall out of #3. I've since replaced it with a used...
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    Bently: Don't regrind ALH valves - why?

    Thanks for the info - VERY much appreciated!! :D Are you saying that if you go too far grinding the seat (in the head) then you can go through the stellite, or if you go hog wild on grinding the valve, you'll get it too thin and burn through it, or both? :D Thanks! Kevin
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    Bently: Don't regrind ALH valves - why?

    I've got an ALH head apart that I'm freshening up and my Bently manual says to not regrind the seats on the valves via machine, but hand lapping is allowed. The exhaust valves are showing light pitting on the seat area of the valves and need to be resurfaced on the Sioux valve grinder. Why...
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    Soldering Iron

    I just bought a Hakko FX-601, which is a 67 watt temp controlled iron with all of the electronics built into the handle, which I like due to portability. The standard tip that it ships with is a little big for fine stuff, so you may want to order a smaller one, too. Other than that, a GREAT...
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    Driving with Bad GP/PO671

    I've found (for 2-3 years now) that the car doesn't start as well with 2 GP's dead when cold (teens °F), but it eventually does... :D Figster
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    Lower Control Arm Bushings, ALH

    doh! - me too! I think I got the same bushings, with the same results. I was doing struts at the same time and for some reason that I can't remember, replaced only the right side bushing and left the ones on the left side intact (220k miles). I've had to replace the right side again (with the...
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    Sighting in KY

    I work in downtown Ashland and drive a black '02 tdi golf. I live in WV, so drive back and forth a LOT.. Kevin
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    ALH piston drawings / specs?

    Does anyone have any specs on the ALH pistons? Specifically, compression height, bowl position (offset or on center?), piston pin offset, piston pin dia, bowl volume, etc... I have a Volvo Penta MD1 boat engine (single cyl DI diesel, 7 HP) that needs a piston and it looks like the ALH piston...
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    Turbo Listeroid?!?!?!

    I have the diesel sickness bad... :D I have a 6HP @ 650 RPM, single cylinder Indian built Lister CS clone that I'd like to put under some boost. (here's some info on the Listeroid --> listeroid ) Anyway, this is a slow speed one cylinder thumper (4.5" bore x 5.5" stroke) and the stock...
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    constant pressure vs. constant volume cycle Compression ratio is one of the main factors in determining the theoretical cycle efficiency of both the Otto and Diesel cycles. Given an equal CR and engine bore/stroke, the Otto (constant volume heat input) cycle is more thermally efficient than the...
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    Intercooler Bypass

    The energy that goes into compressing the air is pretty much extracted when it expands on the power stroke. You get most of the energy back that is required for compression whether the engine burns fuel or not. Think of the compression/expansion event as an air spring... Therefore, if you...
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    prelube pump?

    Thanks everyone. I do kind of agree that the added complexity of the prelube system would probably do more harm than good in the long haul. I've heard that quite a large percentage of engine wear occurs upon startup (not sure of the percentage, but seems like 70% or more) I was just...
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    prelube pump?

    Does anyone use any kind of prelube device (accusump, electric oil pump, etc.) on their TDI? If so, what do you use? I've been noticing a slight whine in the morning if I get into the car and go without letting it warm up/circulate oil for a few minutes first. I'm presuming this is the sound...
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    Hypothetically speaking

    If your EGR system mysteriously gets "modified" and you want to keep the CEL from happening, plus you're somewhat handy with a soldering iron, check here . This is a circuit that goes into the MAF signal line to the ECU that "lies" to the ECU, making it think the engine is getting less air...
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    Piezo-electric unit injectors from Volkswagen

    The spill setup is true for the older common rail setups. The newer versions use a variable displacement pump to pressurize the rail, using a rail pressure sensor as feedback and a controller to vary the displacement of the pump to achieve a constant rail pressure. This results in less energy...
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    Cost holds up diesel hybrid cars

    I've seen a lot of cast pistons in diesels... I'm not sure about the TDI, but I'd guess that they are cast... Mahle makes a lot of cast pistons for diesels. Most have a "ni-resist" ring carrier, which is a high nickel steel that has ~ the same coefficient of thermal expansion as aluminum...