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    Are full sized sedans worth it?

    What do you like for full size wagon or hatchback?
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Would you buy one again? I've desired Mazda6 diesel for years. Mazda received emissions certification on the 6. Uncertain if Mazda6 will ever be offered with diesel. Or if CX-5 will ever be offered with diesel again.
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    What I want is a Golf GTD. Located excellent condition 25 year old GTD for sale in Germany with current TUV. I can dream.....
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    Taxes Texas is 32/50 for tax burden. Massachusetts 22/50. Texas has greater amount of EV sales than Massachusetts.
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    The magic word for Detroit automakers is trucks (and SUVs)

    Used cars Used car prices have not decreased at the retail level. Wholesale prices do not reflect market prices to consumers due to lack of volume and restrictions on sales at dealerships. My prediction is used cars will not be a bargain. The exception is if you are trading in your vehicle...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I'm not in the same place. Not to say that I'm against electric vehicles, I've been a fan since watching Logan's Run series. Tesla has no dealership, no repair center in my area. Manufacturer support for a vehicle is important to me. Also, I'm not paying $40K for a vehicle when there are great...
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Mazda's sales goal for diesel CX-5 is 1,000. This may be a very limited release.
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Seeing is believing on subject of diesel + Mazda. I've seen the CX-5 diesel on the lot. It exists. Pricing was $42K and change. I did not have time to drive it. Anyone driven one? Thoughts?
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    2019 Chevy Silverado 3.0L I-6 diesel

    GM diesel has 277 HP to FCA 260 HP. I'd call it a draw. Towing is 12,560 for RAM and 9700 lbs for GM. OK:eek: RAM wins.
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    The Light truck market

    GM I6 has greater HP, FCA V6 has greater torque. I've always liked the I6 configuration over V6.
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    VW Reparations Monies Use

    $80K for conventional school bus or $300K for electric. Which would you choose?
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    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    6 I agree.
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    MIT says we’re overlooking a near-term solution to diesel trucking emissions

    Cellulosic ethanol has it's merit. I've never been a fan of converting corn into ethanol.
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    Equinox Diesel AWD

    On F-150 aftermarket switch is available to disable start stop. It has OEM appearance. And off is off. The only solution I'm aware of for Equinox excludes diesel.
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    2019 Chevy Silverado 3.0L I-6 diesel

    Silverado diesel pricing For the Silverado Moving up from 2.7L 4 to diesel will cost $3890 5.3L V8 to diesel is $2495 Seems reasonable.
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    Help me pick my next diesel purchase

    2019 You are welcome to back up your claim with facts. A link to a 2016 post is not compelling evidence. Millions of miles on these engines since 2016.
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    Why all these big vehicles?

    Selling price on larger vehicles is much higher. Higher selling price results in higher profit for manufacturers. No explanation required. Why do so many people blame Trump for anything they disagree with. Individuals have the free will to make their own decisions. In the example of the...
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    Help me pick my next diesel purchase

    Diesel. Towing. Utility. Around $30K. Ram pickup Ecodiesel 4WD woud be my pick here. Not a SUV. Pickups today have all the luxury features available.
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    New used 16 tsi

    Bicycle How about a blow off valve on a bicycle? TSI sound is fine w/o blow valve.
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    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel

    2019 Santa Fe is on the roads and at dealers. No diesel yet.